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  2. take a speaker that you konw works and connect leads from it to the leads of the "bad" back speakers, if the good one works--it is the speakers not the amp. i did this to trouble shoot mine. both back speackers went out.
  3. you can replace the mast. the plastic "wire" in the mast breaks causing it not to work, even when the motor is functioning ok. lexus has a new mast for about $45.00. someone said that pep boys has a toyota replacement for about $25.00. hope this helps.
  4. you might want to have your brake pads checked, i believe this light also appears, if the brake pads get to thin.
  5. i had the same problem. the back speakers are 4.5" and are mounted in brackets. you have to remove the back seat and the back deck lid to get to them. i replaced mine with infinity speakers.
  6. just replaced the ps pump on my sc400. i got the unit at autozone for $154.00 plus the refundable $50.00 core charge.
  7. little clear bumpers for kitchen cabinets as stated above, work great. mine have lasted six months and still there.
  8. can anyone tell me how to remove the leather cover over the emergency brake handle? my dash brake light flicks on and off occasionally till i push down on the emergency brake handle and i think that maybe a switch under the cover needs adjustment--am i right?
  9. go to autozone and order them for about $25.00 per "trunk lift" as they are called-- the part # should be 95270--this is for a 1995 sc400 but the lifts should be the same. have autozone check that. good luck
  10. i will second that thought. long live toby
  11. the rear speakers are 4 1/2" and require removing the back deck to get to them. this is not a difficult job but a time consuming one. you have to remove the back seat first. you can test your amp by using a "good" speaker and touching a hot wire to your "bad" speaker lead ins, if the "good" speaker works then your amp is ok. you can do this from the trunk without removing anything. i had both of my back speakers die at once and did this procedure to find the problem. its wasn't my original idea but a good one.
  12. just curious but my 95 sc400 has a cabin filter unit mounted below the glove box. does the sc300 not have the same unit? i pull the plastic panel below the glove box and remove two wing-nuts to get to the filter. i had the same odor problem till i replaced this filter.
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