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  1. Did you have to take apert your intake to change plugs? Is it really only a couple hour job? I have looked at the pdf for changing them, and it has you take apart the intake.
  2. If it the one I am thinking about,,, it is the radiator low light.
  3. There are a couple listed on ebay right now for 100.00. Easy 1 hour change.
  4. usually the vacuum switching valve located on the firewall, passenger side. follow the hot water line, you will see a valve that is vacuum opperated, but controled by an electric solenoid. usually that solenoid goes bad.
  5. I just changed the compressor in my 93 sc300. I serviced it with r-134a after evacuating the system. I got the compressor on ebay for 169.00 no core charge. I now have 37 degree air coming from my vents. I have heard stories that r134a does not work as well as r12, but not the case for me. I am very happy with it.
  6. I need a heater vsv for my 93 sc300. Anybody got one?
  7. There are a couple of places to take apart the intake to gain access to the middle plugs, does anybody have any pointers, or pitfalls to avoid?
  8. First of all, thanks for telling me where the A/C relay is. Now, on to servicing... I am converting my a/c to 134a after changing my compressor. I need to know how much ester oil to put in the system. All I can find is that the compressor takes 4 ounces. Do I need to add more than that for the rest of the system? Btw the filter drier and the expansion valve were also changed, and the whole system flushed. Thanks for any advice. Steve
  9. I am not getting power to my A/C clutch. When the A/c buton is pressed, the Idle goes up then the a/c light starts blinking. No power to the A/c clutch. Everything I have says the relay is in the engine compartment relay/fuse block. Nothing in there say A/C relay. Does anybody know where this is located so I can troubleshoot further? Any other advise is appreciated as well.
  10. I am changing my air conditioning compressor on my 93 Sc300. I am also changing the drier and the expansion valve. I have not done this job before, and would appreciate any help from the people who have. If anyone has a tech publication on how to do it, that would be great, if not,, just some advise, and tips on things not to do. If anybody has any diagrams or schematics I would like those too. I am going to charge it with 134a due to the lack of r-12. Also, does anyone know the proper amounts of oil and freon to put in? Thanks for any help.
  11. My climate control shows a code 23, I had the system serviced, but I need to clear the code so the compressor will kick in. Does anybody know how to clear the code? Thanks.
  12. My 93 sc300 drivers side door starts to buzz at 50 mph. The noise is coming from the door seal on the upper aft corner. I have tried a couple of things like adding some foam rubber strip to the inside of the door seal, and vaseline, but it still does it. I noticed that the door hinges are worn, maybe that is causing it? Has anybody come across this before? I did a search for door noise, and found nothing. Is there a fix for the door hinges? Thanks.
  13. I found it. Here it is if anybody wants it.
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