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Hey y'all. I was cruising around ebay, and found this 03 ES with my color with some pretty slick looking aftermarket wheels. Usually I'm not that much a fan of aftermarket wheels, but these aren't bad. Whats everyone think?





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they look nice, but they also still look like 16's.

I think maybe a 17 or 18 will look even nicer.


Mine are coming. but like zeta said, chrome may be a little too bling bling. I'm looking at polished stainless, too. A little less reflection but still has shine. Tirerack and a car I park near on the way to work have an awesome 5 spoke.


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Stevie, I seriously doubt they're 16s, my guess is 17s at least, most probably 18s. The new ES makes most wheels look really small.

Naa, not really my style, just thought I'd share the picture. I dont know what I'm going to do, the LS wheel idea is still a good one, I dont know I'm still in the thinkin stages lol.

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As long as the actual diameter of the whole wheel/tire is unchanged the speedometer and the nav system wont have to be recalibrated. Thats why usually when they do a wheel upgrade they lower the width of the tire sidewall so effectively what you have is a wheel tire combo that is the same diameter as the original, just with more wheel and less tire. The computer in the car can't tell a difference. I'm going to stay with 16s though, I prefer the smoothest ride.

The actual standard ES wheels in chrome look okay too..., they dont have any flat surfaces really so they're not too "bling bling" as Stevie said lol.

I'll probably just wind up leaving them the way they are. My first thing I really want to have done is get XM radio installed so that the controller pad fits in the ashtray, I have to find someone that can do that...

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