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Replacing Map Light Bulbs?


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well have you checked a fuse?

do all the other interior lights work

when the doors are open?

if the sunroof controls and the lights stopped then i would say it isn;t your bulbs

but a wiring problem

you still have warrrenty right

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I figure it pops off too, but it doesn't want to pop really easily. I don't want to pry too much and scar something with my scrrewdriver. I just thought someone had previous experience.

I guess I need to get a shop manual for that and some other things.

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well i know how to remove the Celica's map light housing, that doesnt really help does it? well just look around, there should be screws, or just snaps off. im sure that it's not glue, cuz it should be a replaceable thing. or else it's just stupid! im sure that it just pops off if there are no screws around.

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I'm trying to find out as well. I have a 2002 IS300 and the Map Light burned out within a year. I got a replacement bulb, but now can't figure out how to install it. I don't want to damage the car, but geez, shouldn't this be easy?

The plastic clear thing doesn't just pop off... I think you have to pull the whole panel (the sunroof controls and all) to get to the lamp, but while I pulled on it, I didn't want to force it for fear of breaking something that will cost me more money. And I don't want to wait in line for 4 hours to replace a light bulb... but there isn't enough light without it.


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OK here's the deal. I found out how on another board, and sorry I didn't come back and answer my question.

You have a bezel around the light lense. That bezel goes around the light and the sunroof switches. Just get a butter knife and get between the rear of that bezel and the headliner and twist the knife. The whole bezel should pop right off. Then you can access the bulb. I found a matching bulb at Auto Zone.

Once you have the piece off you can see how it attaches. There are two little clips at the rear. If you are careful, the bezel will just swing down and stah hooked at the front. If it comes clear off, that's no problem, as it's easy to refasten by putting the front in first, and then snapping the rear back in place.

Hope that's clear enough.

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So it is actually the entire assembly: map light, sunroof tilt switch and sunroof open switch; that comes off? I assume the butter knife just slips in the side closest to the windshield, and you twist from 3/9 O'Clock to 12/6 o'Clock?

The assembly, about 6" long by 4" deep, should drop down like a sunglasses holder so the light and switches are facing the rear of the car, and I have to get to the light where it is facing the front of the car/windshield?

An example drawing:

Wnshld|Panel | Sunroof





.....^ light once I pull it down?

Let me know if that sounds right.

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I don't think the swtiches come down, just the surrouding piece and the light lens.

You pry at the back. Ths side away from the windshield. Yes, it will come loose at the back and swing down toward the windshield. Put the knife toward the middle of the rear section and just twist a little. You do't put the knife in very far, but it makes contact with an inch or so of the length of the bezel It should pop lloose pretty eaisily.

What you are pulling down is actually a "surround" trim for the switches and light. The bulb is just held in by a little thin metal clip, once you get it open.

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I just pop mine off.
Let me see if I can explain. There are tabs on the bezel, four that
are Horizontal instead of Vertical. So if you pull directly down it makes
it difficult for it to release. What you have to do is pull Horizontal
first in the direction of the back window to release the tab and it will
release. You will still have to go to the dealer because Auto Zone and
Advance auto does not carry this bulb. the bulb is a 12V 10 Watt bulb.
I have take picture, but I am new and I am trying to figure how to post

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