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  1. wow this place is dead. WHERE U AT?
  2. I also think the little buttons beside the forums on the main view need to light up a different color so you can see when new posts have been made too. It's kinda muddy like this.
  3. I think you should put the general discussions at the top of the page. You can only talk about Lexus Cars for so long. I think it would keep more members posting more frequently! just my .02
  4. Wow guys. im getting like 18 city on a good day. the intake/exhaust/safc i think messes me up. Oh well , I sound mean going down the road!
  5. there have been a many people putting subs in the cross thru from the rear seat to the trunk. I even think there are dirctions online somewhere.
  6. And some do come with a stock rear spoiler. You just have to order it!
  7. yep this needs to go into the trash.. REPORTED
  8. I been gone for awhile but I'M BACK. Been hella busy lately. So whats up.
  9. Rear Seat Bottom: You would have to first remove the bottom portion of the rear seat. It is simply held in by two pop-in retainer clips; one on either side. Lift up on each corner of the bottom seat until it pops out of its retainer clips. Rear Seat Back: Once the bottom of the rear seat is out the back of the seat is next. It's easy to unbolt but hard to get out. Unbolt the four bolts located on the bottom of the seat holding it in place. Some people unbolt the seatbelt clips. I did not. The seat is held in place by clips on the top of the seat that slide in to place downward when putting the seat back on which means to get it off, you need to lift, rather hard I must say, to raise these clips up and over their retainers. You can remove the headrests if you think it'll make matters easier. Rear Deck Lid: The deck is a pain in the !Removed! to both remove and reinstall. It is held in place by two different means. First remove the covers to the three tiedowns on the deck lid and unbolt them. This might also be a good time to make sure the seat belts are out of the lid fabric and hanging below it. Second, and this is the pain, you need to unclip the sides of the deck lid. The lid has four slots, two on each side. Into these slots slide plastic tabs that are connected to the car on each side. I removed the tabs a pretty dirty way, I used a screwdriver to weasel my way under them and pull the lid out. It took a little while but I got them out. The deck lid now just slides out once you unplug the brake light. Good Luck.
  10. winter use yes the 16s are better. flaws? depends on what year model performance upgrades.. you name it they got it
  11. try this 1 remove the top tray here is the istructions: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/lexusparts/aldastray.html 2 remove the bottom part which hold track and !Removed! heaters bottons butter knif requered also pull from the bottom. 3 remove 4 screws which hold radio and AC controles 2 on the bottom behind the part you removed in step 2 and 2 on the top under the part you removed in step 1. be carefull taking the stereo out as the dash plastic is highly scratchable and the cables on the back of the stereo are not that long or http://www.pbase.com/rubley/is300
  12. this has already been done long time. no point in fighting anymore. just live with it
  13. there was a fix for this in the 2001 models. I have no idea about the 2002 .. I dont remember hearing anything about it.
  14. i have e-shift.. You won't ever use it b/c it blows nuts
  15. srt swift racing technology i think its www.swiftracingtechnology.com and www.lextasy.com has good parts
  16. i been synthetic for 48k .. its all good
  17. first was exhaust .. month later intake month later s-afc.
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