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  1. Hey Rokz. So not to be evasive, but that's a tough question. The "best exhaust system" a very personal choice. Like asking what's the best bourbon? Whats the best cigar? For me, it was important to keep my Lexus all Lexus. Also, I wanted it just modestly louder. So I went with the Lexus exhaust system. However, there are many aftermarket systems out there. Many reviews and many sound clips can be googled. (Also many opinions on "what's best"). So, it's a personal choice. Let us know what you decide!
  2. Kansay - Yes, that is the part number. (I checked on my service invoice). I see you're in Maryland. Well, I did the upgrade at Lexus of Rockville. Note, they had a on-line coupon for 15% off of all F-Sport accessories. Also, I kept all the old parts (OEM Exhaust system) and then was able to e-Bay it for some good money. Both of these actions helped substantially defray the costs of the new system! Hope this helps.
  3. Hey 130Gunner - You're meaning an RC 350 F-Sport, and not an RC F, right? If so, I may be your man..... I just had the dealer replace my OEM axle back pipes, mufflers, and tips (and rear plastic fascia) with the Lexus F sport performance exhaust. I asked to keep all the old parts (they were going to dispose of it), thinking I was going to E-bay or otherwise sell it somehow. It's for my 2016 RC 350 F-Sport, but no difference from 2015. I did it at 3,000 miles, so effectively its brand new. Let me know if this is what you're interested in, and we can take our business off-line. Thanks.
  4. I'm not sure what the current decibel rating is on the stock RC 350 horns, but I'd like to increase the level. Right now they sound pretty meek & tame (although I don't use them frequently). Does anyone have suggestions on aftermarket or replacement equipment? I'm not looking for a truck horn sound or air-horns, but I do want something more substantial then stock. Any thoughts would be appreciated....
  5. Hey. I was just informed of a large Lexus (RC) owners event organized by an individual party. It's from 8AM - 12PM on Sunday, October 23rd, at Lexus Of Rockville, in Maryland, The Facebook site says "join us for the biggest event for Lexus Owners in the area. There will be tons of activities, and a special unveiling of 2 F Models by RR-Racing Motorsports Engineering." They're requesting sign-up. (I did it by contacting one of the organizers listed on the Facebook site). The link to the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/events/1224671587584228/ Maybe see some of you there?
  6. By the way, if anyone is looking for a real functional and good looking Sun Shade, I purchased one from www.eclipsesunshades.net. About $50. Doesn't limit my visibility when retracted, and it's easily removable (for winter). Seems like good quality and materials. Just saying.....
  7. Uh Oh... My RC 350 has those same low glow door lights on both interior doors. Sounds like your passenger side is not working.
  8. Well, I did it! Installed today.... Looks great, sounds great. (Although my wife was a little upset with me when she heard it coming down the street. Oh well, the agreement was that it's "my toy" .)
  9. I'm considering replacing my stock exhaust system with the F-Sport Performance Exhaust system. I'm probably going to do this upgrade at end of the month.... My dealer will acquire/install. A little pricey, but if they do it it'll stay in warranty. I heard a few audio clips on YouTube of its' sound, but hard to tell. Dealer says it retains its quietness at idle and at Eco speeds (no drone), but then gets throaty when accelerating hard. He didn't immediately know HP or torque gains. Also, unfortunately I'll loss those cool rectangular exhaust tips and have round tips instead. Any thoughts or comments on this upgrade?
  10. Paul - great idea in sending that e-mail to Lexus Customer Service! If they provide insights and/or the list, please share it here! Thanks.
  11. Okay, trivia..... Lexus says "RC" stands for...... 1, Responsive Coupe; or 2. Radical Coupe; or 3. Racing Coupe?
  12. Hey! Just took ownership of my '16 RC 350 F-Sport. Atomic Silver and sweet red/black interior. AWD and all optional packages. I previously owned Lexus sedans (i.e., GS 300 and ES 300), but wanted a change. I'll report back on my impressions of the RC F-Sport soon. But a couple of quick things...... The ML sound system is superb. However, I'm not sure where all 17 speakers are, as claimed. I only count 12. Anyone know locations? - I couldn't find info on web-sites. I notice the windows drop a quarter-inch when you open the door handle and then window closes-up when the door is shut. Never saw something like that before. I'm guessing this is because the windows are frameless? To prevent breakage from air compression when door is shut? Hopefully, it's not just another moving part that will break (it's not Lexus' style).....