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Milage On Ur Es300


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hey every one.. i need help ASAP...

iam gettin ready to buy this 96 es 300

well lets see.. it has a small exhust leak, and the driver side mirror is off..

but thats nothin, i can get that fixed in a couple hours

the biggest thing on my mind is that the car has 140,000

i jsut dnt want to buy the car and some thing major happens to it

are theses motors known to last, do they have problems after alot of milage

plz give me ur thoughts on this...

and well for the price iam gettin it.. i think its good... "2,500" !!!!

and if all is well, iam goin today to pick up the car, thats why i need u guys/girls to help me out.. asap

so let me know

and P.S how many miles does ur ES have ?

thanks again

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Hey man,

The engine in my '92 5-Speed ES300 has never failed me. It is all the other things that can go wrong (which is mainly wear and tear in my case).

- brake pads

- ebrake pads

- rotors

- a/c leak

- exhaust leak

- power steering pump leak (replace unit)

- brake line leak

- replace fuel filler neck (rusted off)

- body rust

Basically, my car's main problem right now is rust, especially on the lines underneith the car (brake and fuel and exhaust). This could be attriuted to the fact that I live in Canada where they put salt on the roads during the winter :( I also have some pretty bad body rust now . . .

My car has 213000 kms (133000 miles) and I have been pleased with it overall. Don't expect a free ride though. . . even though it is a Toyota/Lexus, it will have problems too. The car you are looking at is newer, so it should have fewer problems (especially rust related) than mine. I am averaging about $1000US/yr on repairs.

The price you can get it for is excellent!! I say go for it if you have it checked by a mechanic and it all turn out OK.

The great thing about the ES300 is that many of the parts are interchangeable with the Toyota Camry :) Saves a lot of money . . .

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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hey thanks alot man.. ya iam goin tonite to take it for a test drive and a over all inspection,

but if all is well, ill have me a new lexus es300 this week..

but hey if any one else has some info for me.. plz let me know

thanks again bdonkersgoed, been a Great help...

i am a mechanic goin on 5years, so.. ill be able to inspect the car my self...

Thanks again every1

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Well, being a mechanic sure makes things convenient, eh? :P

In your case, it should be a lot cheaper to maintain the car as you can do a lot of the stuff yourself. I could probably tackle a few things on my own, but prefer to have other people do the work. I am slowly learning . . . :P

Where is the ES from? It would be preferable if it isn't from a climate like mine. that darn salt on these roads is causing me a lot of grief!

Good luck with the ES!


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iam from PA, pennsylvania..

they sometimes put salt on the road, but not all the time

it only snows up here.. maybe a week or so in winter

the body of the car is WOW.. no Rust, no dents, no scratchs..

like i said the only things were the Mirror...

i wish i could take it to my gorage, to left the car up to inspect the bottom

and do some engine checks...

one important thing i forgot to ask him is about the A/C

its important for me that it has A/C !!!!

but yes, ill look up the problems.. but thats a smart .. thanks !

if any more info .. plz let me know !

thanks again bdonkersgoed

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I have mine 1996 ES300 at 192000 miles, so far the only problems was the EGR modulator was bad and has been replaced (cost $72). I changed my oil every 5000 miles, change and replaced transmisson fluid & filter every 25000 miles, I change thermostat every 45000 miles and flush the coolant while I change the thermostat ( I don't want to wait until it fail because it will cost me a lot of money if it overheat), this is my second battery so far, and I need to change tire soon. Brake pad is not major job, but when you buy that car you need to check if the timing belt has been replace or not, very important to change timing belt at 90000miles, I have changed mine twice already. The instrument bulb has been replaced as well, 3 burnt lights. Well....so far so good. I believe that if you take care the car, it will last for a long time.

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You might find this helpful:

Problems Thread

Everyone lists the problems they have had and the cost to repair. It is one of the "pinned" topics (you will see the pinned topics at the very top of the thread list).

You might also want to erad skperformance's FAQ in the pinned topics. He is one of the super-posters here, and seems to know the ES in and out :P

skperformance's FAQ



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hey jkosasih about how much did u pay to replace the timeing built,

i have done it b4 on some hondas, its a pain, i rather pay some one to do it

i plan on given the car a Full tune up

coils, PLugs, thermostat, water pump, Air filter, Fuel filter, oil/filter, Brakes if needed,

and checkin the whole car for any other parts that i mite need to replace,

thansk again bdonkersgoed, ill read that post once i get to work..

thanks every one..plz any more info let me know..

what can i do to take care of some small craks on the seats, its not to bad

but i would like to take care of them.. !

thanks again

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what can i do to take care of some small craks on the seats, its not to bad

but i would like to take care of them.. !

Where are the cracks on the seats? I have never had any craxks in the actual leather, but the stitching does tend to come loose in some of the seams . . . not a really big deal. I just had a shop restich the holes (in the seams) for $50CAN when I bought my car :)



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Hey, boostd! That's a GREAT price(too good to be true?). Anyway, my 94 ES has 204K mi and I'm happy with it. However, tranny dead at 196K( got used one for $1K and replaced by myself). Another major thing was 2 years ago - AC. And be aware of engine sludge - a lot info in this club. Make sure oil is clean and no smoke from exhaust. Service records would be great - regular oil changes most important thing!!! And don't worry about timing belt - if you done it on Honda, you'll do it on V6 Toyota - it's MUCH MORE easier! Especially compare to Accord that has 2 belts <_< I would say it's even easier than 4cyl Toyota - very simple marks and no hardtime to match them together - belt just jumps to the right place! :rolleyes:

So ES is very nice car and easy to work on it, just make sure engine is good because price is too low... :huh:

Good luck :cheers:

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like mentioned before ,read my faq and problem posts as tehy will give you more info than you want ,it is just alot to read at once

for 2500 it is a steal even with a bad engine or tranny ,so don't worry about it, the 94-96 is the best engine to have there are no sludge problems until 97 when the emmisions changed and raised the internal temp of the engine causign buildup nothing prior unless it was onwned by a lazy owner.

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well guess what ppl.. i got the car..

(cant drive it yet, waitin on papers work )

last nite i went to checked it out a little..and i was like ok.. i sold !

ther person i got it from is a SUPER good friend.

theres kinda funnie story behide it.. he had to sell it ASAP..lost his license, and had citations to pay.. thats a reason why got it so cheap..

also.. he didnt know much about cars.. he got it a couple months ago.. and left it in his yard.. didnt know why the car was so load..

(i didnt tell him it could be fixed for Cheap!)

i gave them the money.. and what not.. had them sign a ontract...

iam just awaitin to do all the paper work..

car started right up, no knocking or smoke from exhust...

ran good, comfortable.. ! only thing it has a smal Exhust leak... rusted Flex pipe

but ill take care of that asap...

so.. once i get the car on the road.. iam goin to take it to my shop..

put it on a left.. and check the whole car.. in and out..

thanks again.. ppl..

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A little late, but I'll share my car problems! Replaced: alternator, radiator, cooling fan relay, antenna mast, and VSV for egr. What my car needs: suspension bushings fore & aft and motor mounts....Nothing serious, just annoying. :wacko: I've got 120k miles on my 1994 ES, and the engine and tranny are both still very strong. The 3.0(1mzfe) is a wonderful(smooth, quite) engine, and the tranny is really smooth. Replacing the brake pads takes about 30min to change if you hurry and have two people(one for the wheel removal/install and one for the pad changing) or probably about 45 alone. Lexus designed it in a way that makes pad changing disgustingly easy!

I don't find that the ES shares as many parts with the Camry as others say; the engine and tranny are the same as the V6 Camry, but that's about it(I think Steve-SW03ES- said approx. 20% of the Camry and ES are shared. The rest is different. I'd bet the 20% is chassis and powertrain.). The interiors are very different with only a shared lever or two.

$2500 is a steal! Conragts on the purchase!! :D Keep up with the fluids and maintinance on the car, and it will last a very long time. I have a '95 LS with 235k miles that can still paint the Michelins all over the street and give me 20/26 fuel econ. B)


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