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  1. Hey Everyone, The question I posed was as follows: "What company FIRST comes to mind when you think of the color brown?" RESULTS: UPS ~~~~~ 94 Hershey ~~~ 3 Cadbury ~~~ 1 Echostar ~~ 1 Charmin ~~~ 1 My paper is on the integrated marketing campaign of UPS utilizing the colour "brown" and the slogan "What Can Brown Do for You?" I'm actually kind of surprised that so many people thought of UPS first. I knew that it woudl be popular, but didn't think that it would get 94% of the votes! Thanks to all who helped out, Bryan
  2. Oops . . . can you please delete your post to this thread? You are going to sway the decision of other posters. Please use Private Messaging. Thanks! Bryan
  3. Hey Everyone, Wow, it's been a LONG time since I have posted here since selling my ES and getting a Passat (which is a BAD BAD BAD decision!!!). I have a favour to ask of everyone. I am doing a marketing project and could use your help. Could everyone please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE with a response to the following question? "What company FIRST comes to mind when you think of the color brown?" There is no right or wrong answer. I want the first company that comes to mind, not what you think is the "right" answer. Please don't post in this forum, because I don't want other people to be influenced by your post. I will post up the results once I have enough. Thanks!!!! Bryan
  4. I know that in my '92 it was located under the front passenger seat . . . not sure about the '97 though . . . Regards, Bryan
  5. I doubt that it will screw up there car. It probably will just have like no range and be unreliable. I wouldn't worry about selling it on Ebay. You'll probably only get like $5-10 for it anyways :P Regards, Bryan
  6. I had a BULLDOG SECURITY car alarm back about five years ago, and that thing was junk. If the remote starter is anything like their alarms, then I suggest it isn't even worth your time installing . . . Regards, Bryan
  7. If you've got any invites left, I wouldn't mind one. bdonkersgoed@hotmail.com Thanks!!! Bryan
  8. I could have bought a 1999 GS300 Premium Package with 150000kms with all the money I am spending on my car :cries: I LOVE the GS! Regards, Bryan
  9. Just think of all the mods I could have done with the $8000 I just blew on nothing I makes me sick just to think about it :( Regards, Bryan
  10. I had the EXACT same problem as described in the quote (low dribble of basketball). I replaced my rear struts, adn the noise went away. Now that the back is silent, I could hear that my front needs some work too :P Do a search on "clunking" . . . I think that should bring up previous threads. Hope this helps, Bryan
  11. Well, I am guessing it will be about $4000 for my car and $2000 - $4000 for the hydro pole. Take note that this is all Canadian currency . . . I have spoken to my insurance broker, and things are maybe not as bad as they seem. Worst case scenario is that I claim the accident and get convicted of careless, and I will end up with about $8000 a year for insurance. Basically, I am confident that I can have the charge reduced. I am also pretty sure that I can pay for all damages out of pocket and avoid insurance (about $8000). This will cause my insurance to only be $3000 a year, which will then go down to $1500 a year the year after. It is definitely worth while to pay for all damages myself. Anyways, thanks for the sympathy. Hopefully I can get this mess cleaned up soon. I think my Lexus is happy that I am driving her again . . . although I think she is still mad at me for my affair with the Passat :P Regards, Bryan
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean. It makes intuitive sense. However, there seems to be lots of exceptions. For example, I am actually towing my car 2 hours to Toronto from my small hometown of 5500 people to have body work done on my car. I am towing it to Toronto because it will be like half the price and equal quality. Regards, Bryan
  13. Well, I flew to Ottawa and picked up my '99 Passat on Saturday, and enjoyed most of my 5-hour drive home. You guys won't believe this . . . I was about 4 kms from my town when I woke up to realize that I was on the gravel shoulder. CRAP! Instinctively, I pulled hard to try and get back on the road (because you don't think really well when you just wake up). My front tries caught the pavement, and my rear end pulled out. I did a full 360 spin, tires sqeualing, and then went into the ditch sideways, back up the other side of the ditch, and I could see that I was approaching a hydro pole! I smucked the drivers's side of my new car into hydro pole and did another little spin on the farmer's lawn. My side impact airbag went off (kind of cool that it worked :P) and I was lucky and escaped with just scraped knees and a slightly stiff neck. I got out of the car right away, and a truck stopped to see that I was OK. I also woke up all the people in the house and they came out too. I couldn't believe it was happening! The SECOND car that I crashed on the first day of owning it (because I was rear-ended when my Dad just bought his rebuilt Mercedes)!! But this time, it was MY fault! After getting out of the car, the guy from the house (who knows my parents :P) pointed toward the hydro pole. I had knocked it so hard that it snapped off at the top and was hanging by a small piece of wood still left intact. I was super lucky that the wires hadn't fallen to the ground! I wasn't even thinking about live wires when I got out! Anyways, I kept telling everyone not to call the cops until my dad got there (it was 12:15AM). They swear they didn't call, but two cop cruisers showed up within 10 minutes anyways. I told him I had fallen asleep, which I REALLY regret now. Now, not only do I have the friggen accident, but a careless conviction as well! That is criminal charge equal to drunk driving, 6 demerit points, $320, and it will automatically double my insurance preiums. Add the accident to that and the fact that I was paying $5000 a year with a clean record, and you can see that I am in serious trouble here. I have called Pointts (ticket fighters) and they are confident that they can get the conviction reduced, which is good news (although it will cost me $700) Anyways, I have been doing lots of calling to avoid insurance in the matter. I have got Ontari Hydro to bill me for the pole instead of my insurer so that they won't find out, and I already paid towing (which the jerk ripped me off for $350 for 4 km towing!) and I will pay the farmer to fix his lawn. I have no idea what the pole will cost. I'm guessing $2000 - $4000 for the pole and about $4000 for the Passat . . . all that I have to pay out of pocket :( Another funny thing, my brother was driving to my hometown to pick me up the next day, and his transmission blew :P He went with the other towing company in town and only had to pay $107 for 30 kms of towing!! Anyways, my brother-in-law had to come to my town and pick us ALL up :P What a weekend. I have the worst luck in the world! The best-case scenario is that I can clean this all up myself for about $8000, avoid insurance and keep my Driving Record 5, and get my Careless reduced to a lesser charge. I hope all goes well! I really need my car, and don't know what I'll do if I can't get affordable insurance :( I work at an insurance company, and was able to do a worst-case scenario for insurance . . . my quotes were coming out in the range of $14,000 - $21,000 a YEAR!!! Yikes!! I really hope things work out! So, luckily, I never put the Lexus for sale yet, so it is back to driving that until the Passat gets fixed :P Maybe my Lexus put a curse on the Passat because it was *BLEEP*ed off at me for abandoning it :P Anyways, the whole situation just sucks. It all costs tonnes of money either way, and I am broke to begin with. I have no idea what I am going to do :cries: Regards, Bryan
  14. Not really . . . You would be surprised. I can actually get my hair cut in Toronto for cheaper than in Waterloo. Same thing goes for buying a car, or car audio. More competition = lower prices. I do know that city folk have a lot more overhead to pay though . . . Regards, Bryan
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