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  1. hey every one.. iam thinkin about 20's but from what i read, no more then 18's? can i, and how can i fit some 20's with 21\35\20 thanks
  2. ya i come to notice that the windom haed/tails are the same.. so forget that . here is a pic of the back bumper, and reat Wing. take a look tell me what u think any one know were i can get Dash trim kits, i dnt know if i want to do wood, but then again it bein Tan inside.. wood would look good.. let me know thanks again
  3. ya thast what i want a low and deep sound to it.. how much was the OEM Y pipe ? so i figure ill Swap the 2.25 with 2.5in piping, and put a thermal R&D CL Muffler does any one have a Diagram of what the exhsut looks like i figure its from the both sides of the exhust manifold, meet in to a Y pipe, then goes stright back CAT, RES, then down the a muffler, but i would like to see a pic of it.. like a diagram Thanks
  4. no holes.. i seen a couple es around here just like mine, and some with them.. well i have a buddy that lives in Japan.. so i get stuff ALL THE TIME... iam gettin Windom headlights, taillights.. and any other coo things that came on the windom and not the us es300
  5. no no.. i dnt have that custom bumper.. i just really like it.. i wanted to know what ppl think about it.. my car has a stock bumper.. i havent done nothin to it yet..the car is completly stock.....
  6. Awsome Thanks again evey1... iam so happy with my new es...i love my car.. iam gettin some 19' Chromes maybe.. not sure yet.. but i dnt know if i want to mess with the ride.. its GREAT as it is.. so maybe 18s with a Chunkyer Tire... not sure.. and iam gettin a HID kit for the lowbeam.. and just some Hyper white highbeam replacements.. and hey my car doesnt have Fog lights ? whys this OH one thing.. i thought it was 96.. its a 94.. !!!!by the way.. but 2,500 is still a great deal.. wont u say.. !!! and give me feed back on this pic.. do u like.. yes or no...?
  7. hey every one.. i just got my 96 es300... it needs some work on the exhust.. (flex pipe broke off) so i fugured while iam down there fixing the exhust, why not change the whole thing.. iam lookin for a exhust, if not just muffler... i dnt want load.. i just want Flow (proformance) maybe a little Rour to her.. i love the way the infinity G35 sounds.. my wife has one ... (i love driven her car) i have a 240sx turbo (sr20det swap) so thats my load car.. this is my Luxury car sp no need to be to load.. if any one has any good ones let me know.. i also dont want it to look like its should be on a honda/nissan some thing that looks good on a Lux. car... i like thermal RD.... my 240sx has a Apexi N1... plz.. info ppl .! posted a pic of the thermal.. thats not for the ES.. but just to show u the muffler
  8. i dont have plans on swapin it.. i just want to know.. *just for info* 1996 es300 Car 1995 camery motor
  9. well guess what ppl.. i got the car.. (cant drive it yet, waitin on papers work ) last nite i went to checked it out a little..and i was like ok.. i sold ! ther person i got it from is a SUPER good friend. theres kinda funnie story behide it.. he had to sell it ASAP..lost his license, and had citations to pay.. thats a reason why got it so cheap.. also.. he didnt know much about cars.. he got it a couple months ago.. and left it in his yard.. didnt know why the car was so load.. (i didnt tell him it could be fixed for Cheap!) i gave them the money.. and what not.. had them sign a ontract... iam just awaitin to do all the paper work.. car started right up, no knocking or smoke from exhust... ran good, comfortable.. ! only thing it has a smal Exhust leak... rusted Flex pipe but ill take care of that asap... so.. once i get the car on the road.. iam goin to take it to my shop.. put it on a left.. and check the whole car.. in and out.. thanks again.. ppl..
  10. hey every1. just wonder if any one has swaped out motors, and used a Camery motor i sure its the same. but i was just wonderin if there was some things that had to be done. or any extras steps ? plz let me know.. thanks
  11. hey my Aim is boostd240 hit me up some time thanks again for all the help.. !! if any one else has some info for me. drop it off ! thanks
  12. hey jkosasih about how much did u pay to replace the timeing built, i have done it b4 on some hondas, its a pain, i rather pay some one to do it i plan on given the car a Full tune up coils, PLugs, thermostat, water pump, Air filter, Fuel filter, oil/filter, Brakes if needed, and checkin the whole car for any other parts that i mite need to replace, thansk again bdonkersgoed, ill read that post once i get to work.. thanks every one..plz any more info let me know.. what can i do to take care of some small craks on the seats, its not to bad but i would like to take care of them.. ! thanks again
  13. i looked up common ES problems and just my post came up than i looked up ES problems, and nothin for the 92-96 came up do u know of a post that mite have some thing in it that i can read.. plz let me know
  14. iam from PA, pennsylvania.. they sometimes put salt on the road, but not all the time it only snows up here.. maybe a week or so in winter the body of the car is WOW.. no Rust, no dents, no scratchs.. like i said the only things were the Mirror... i wish i could take it to my gorage, to left the car up to inspect the bottom and do some engine checks... one important thing i forgot to ask him is about the A/C its important for me that it has A/C !!!! but yes, ill look up the problems.. but thats a smart .. thanks ! if any more info .. plz let me know ! thanks again bdonkersgoed
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