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Tools For The Trunk


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Hello all;

Does anyone know where I can get a set of tools for the trunk of my 1993 LS400? I looked on eBay, but the kits there are different from what I can tell...(no flashlight). I am afraid to think what the dealer would ask for them. Thanks.


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Why don't you find out what tools were included with the originally part of the tool-kit, and buy them from Sears or Matco? Mine was missing a bunch of them, and that's what I did, especially since Lexus never includes expensive tools.

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I was very lucky when i bought my Ls400,everything was in the car...my car is a series 1....a 1991 uk car.

Just been over and had a look in the boot at the tools and they are as follows..

a metal wheel stop......for when jacking up the car

a lexus screwdriver

2 spanners..one is 12 and 14mm each end and the other is 8 and 10mm

a wheel brace for undoing the wheel nuts

and a lexus touch

Hope thats of some help to you

I was also lucky to still find the Lexus CD :D

Good luck with sourcing the tools

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Yes.......most important is to have a small flat screwdriver, small piston jack, a lug nut key, correct socket for the lug nuts (19-21mm) and a 3/8" torque wrench (10-75 ft lbs.) to match sockets. Torque is 79 ft. lbs so max out the wrench and add another 1/8 turn....you're good to go!

I have the original tool set in my 99, but always keep the torque wrench in the car for longish trips........

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chasglenn3 I have some extra Lexus tools in excellent condition. Pliars, screw driver with two attachments, two wrenches. Figure $15 shipped. You will still have to pick up a lug wrench, flash light and towel in wrapper, might want to check the salvage yards for the lug wrench. The flash light and towel will probably have to be bought from the dealer. Four Door.

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