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  1. It's been about one year since I replaced the Lexus Pioneer am/fm/casette system in my '92 Ls400 with a stock Lexus Nak cd system which included door speakers, head unit, cd changer, amp and subwoofer. My goal was to keep the LS400 interior appearance stock and few if any head units would be able to match the elegant appearance of the original head unit IMO. No doubt their are better sounding audio systems but after a lot of thought I decided that the LS400 audio system is still very good by all standards and it would not be worth the trouble and expense to make serious modifications for dubious results. Re the subwoofer my guess is that the Lexus designers took into consideration that passengers sitting in the rear seat would be able to listen to the audio system with a equal balance of speakers including the subwoofer. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from doing "upgrades" but you might want to give it some serious thought before you do it and make things reversable since I doubt few people would be interested in purchasing a preowned Lexus with a "aftermarket" audio system. Four Door
  2. Update on Nak C452 speakers. I'v been running them in the rear doors of my '92 LS400 that was updated from stock Pioneer to a Nak system. After six months listening I am very pleased with the performance of the Nak C452 speakers and I have had zero problems with them or my system. The install in the stock speaker inclosures was fairly easy and the sound of the speakers is difficult to tell from the original oem/Lexus front door speakers. Overall the C452 speakers are an excellent match for the Lexus oem system and the cost is very reasonable with minimal skill/tools needed for the install, a really simple diy. Four Door.
  3. saldanha your '92 LS400 front and rear door speakers are not interchangable. You will have to match the speakers with oem/Lexus speakers or replace all of them with aftermarket speakers, ie the Nak 452.
  4. Thanks to 1990LS400 I finally have a rare LS400 rear window shade (brown) to match my '92 LS400 tan interior. It only came with the two side clips but I think I can fashion a clip for the center. After looking it over and reading about the plastic template I will try to fashion some type of template of my own to properly align the shade and clips. Also the pictures will be helpful when installing the shade. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for all your help, Four Door (Rich). ['92 LS400 sandstone beige 119,000 miles and running strong].
  5. Re adjusting the bass & treble controls I have tried adjusting the controls, mostly the bass, and found the neutral settings to be the best and most accurate in my stock '92 LS400 Nak system. I have compared it to my fairly high end home audio system (mono amps/ large monitor speakers) and with a well recorded cd the Lexus audio system sounds excellent.
  6. rct20 presently I'm trying out a set of Nak 452 speakers in the rear doors of my '92 LS400, the rest of my system is all oem Lexus/Nak. They sound fine and being two way speakers the tweeters give added boost to the high end which will be even more noticable for the rear seat passengers. The Nak 452 speakers require very minor modification to fit in the Lexus door speaker enclosures. I used some silicone sealant to fill the gaps between the speaker and enclosure to make a tight seal. All in all it was a fairly easy job. The only speakers that I know of that will fit the enclosure exactly are the Lexus oem speakers. Lexus didn't want to make it easy for anyone to use aftermaket speakers etc so eveythng is an odd size. Heard the original speakers cost $400 each from the Lexus dealer. You can purchase used Lexus speakers from salvage yards which I did. Figure on spending $75 each. This can be hit and miss, I had to return quite a few speakers before I got some that worked. The used Lexus speakers are 10-14 years old and who knows how long they will last. The Nak 452 speakers sound decent, the price is very reasonable and if you are installing them yourself it isn't difficult. Four Door.
  7. Smyurick when I upgraded my '92 LS400 that came with a Poneer audio system to a Lexus/Nakamichi with headunit and amp I also upgraded all my speakers to Nakamichi, made a world of difference over the stock Pioneer speakers.
  8. chasglenn3 I have some extra Lexus tools in excellent condition. Pliars, screw driver with two attachments, two wrenches. Figure $15 shipped. You will still have to pick up a lug wrench, flash light and towel in wrapper, might want to check the salvage yards for the lug wrench. The flash light and towel will probably have to be bought from the dealer. Four Door.
  9. Crooked? "LS400". Looked at 90LS400Lexus picture and comparing it to mine it looks like it's straight and even. I measured the "LEXUS" emblem and positioned the "LS 400" emblem on the opposite side of the trunk lid. The "LS 400" emblem is two seperate emblems, the 400 went on fine, the LS was a little tricky and required some slight repositioning. From ten feet away no one would know it wasn't factory installed. If I had to do it again I would place the LS about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch closer to the 400.
  10. Distance between LS and 400 is about 1". Just installed "LS 400" emblem on my '92 and figured it should be the same length as the "LEXUS" trunk emblem.
  11. This topic has been discussed at length by many members and the consensus seems to be the '93 and '94 LS400 are the pick of the litter. Presently I have a '92 LS400 and I'm waiting for the "right" (color/options) '93/'94 LS400 to come along.
  12. Wes re your '94 LS400 audio system the stock door speakers are 4.5" and the subwoofer is 8". You didn't mention if it was premium (Pioneer) or Nakamichi. If you decide to change out of the stock system be prepared to spend some serious $$$ to get better sound due to the complicated design of the LS400. If you have the basic premium sound system (Pioneer) you could upgrade to a Lexus Nakamichi system for less money then aftermarket. IMO the only aftermarket headunit that looks compatable with the LS400 dash is the Nakamichi units, all the others look totally out of place but each to his own. Advise you read a lot of posts in the audio section to see what other LS400 owners experiences have been.
  13. When I switched out my Pioneer headunit and installed the Nakamichi headunit in my '92 LS400 their were two (2) antenna cables going into both of the headunits. One for AM and the other for FM. Believe the system Lexus uses is called "diversity" antenna. I also noticed that the antenna will extend to different heights according to the AM/FM signal received. As the others suggested check the connections, starting with the trunk. I live in the metro Boston area and have no problem with AM reception in my LS400.
  14. Believe your amp is under front passenger seat and like someone else said if water/moisture/corrosion could be causing a short. Check the connections and clean if necessary.
  15. Sal your correct the price of new speakers from the dealer are about $450 each. OEM Lexus speakers from a salvage yard are a lot cheaper if you can find ones that work. The next option is after market. Nakamichi makes 4" midrange speakers that are very close to the OEM Lexus speakers but they are two way speakers with a tweeter. Nakamichi also has component speakers that might match the original Lexus speakers but I believe some of them are now discontinued but may still be available. IMO the Nakamichi "aftermarket" speakers may be our best choice in the future as it gets more difficult to find the original Lexus speakers.
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