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  1. i have a 2003 lx and i have noticed lately that the rt rear carpet edge(very back passenger side) is wet after driving in rainy weather. its right along the edge where it touches the plastic trim across the back hatch sill. is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I drove the next generation Landcruiser today. Totally different feel than my 03 LX. Acceleration and stability were much improved. It felt more solid and less floaty than the old one. I was very impressed. Looks great too.
  3. i have a 2003 lx470 with 66k on it and am thinking about changing out the ahc and power steering fluids myself. i want to siphon out the reservoirs in the engine bay and add new fluid. i know this method won't totally replace the old fluid but it should take care of most of it. does anyone see any problems with this less than perfect plan?
  4. I have a 2003 lx470 with 66k on it and I am thinking about changing out the ahc and power steering fluid myself. I want to siphon out the reserviors in the engine bay and add new fluid. I know this method wont totally replace the old fluid but it should take care of most of it. does anyone see any problems with this less than perfect method?
  5. I just replaced ft and rear pads myself today on my 03 lx with 62,000k on the orig brakes. The scraper on the rt ft had made contact so that was how I knew it was time. This was the 1st time I've ever attempted a brake job and it wasn't too tough. total cost about $130 for all pads,$20 for 4" channel lock pliers and $3 for brake lube. It took me over 3hrs but won't take as long next time now that I think I know what I'm doing.
  6. The trans fluid dipstick on my 2003 lx470 says "atf fluid does not need to be replaced under normal driving conditions". Is this true?
  8. how do you remove water spots from the sunroof glass?
  9. i recently had my 03 lx470 loaded with say 800 pounds in the cargo area on a drive from okla. to north carolina. about 3 times i noticed the ride height was on low while cruising down the interstate at 75mph. flipping the switch did nothing but cause the light to flash till i pulled over ,stopped and repeated the procedure. at this pont it would go to the normal position. after unloading the vehicle when i got home the problem has not resurfaced. has anyone had this problem before?
  10. duplicate please only post once in one appropriate forum
  11. johnny, could you update the picture of your car in your signature photo. it looks like a beauty but the picture looks like it was taken fom a block away.
  12. i replaced mine w silver colored kybs from the tire rack & it feels just like factory struts. the original ones on the front had 160,000 miles on this 92 model sc400. there was a lot of noise coming from the front over speed bumps that went away when i replaced them w the kybs. i guess they were really worn out. i read somewhere that shocks dont last more than 100,000 miles or should be replaced then.
  13. why did you have to change them"lots of times". do silverstars blow out alot. i have thought about getting some but if they are junk i dont want to waste time & money.
  14. the kybs i put on my sc400 were silver & they feel just like the original ones.not too rough & not too soft in my opinion.
  15. check out my 92 w chrome 17" gs 400 wheels( no modification needed)
  16. i have a 92 sc 400 & i waited till 160000 miles to change the water pump,timing belts & tensioners. it should not hurt the motor on a pre1998sc400(98 introduced vvt) it will just strand you. the clue i looked for was a seeping of coolant from the water pump weep hole when the seals on it started to fail.this resulted in coolant on the garage floor. at this point i had the service done.
  17. all i know, dunlops are cheap. michelin will get u more miles (brakes will depend on how u use it). so far i've got 10/32 on my Gx which has michelin cross terrains. original is 11/32 and i've got 22k on it! my previous Rx300 had goodyears, were more than half way at 25k! ← i don't understand what 10/32 & 11/32 means.
  18. as for the leaky valve covers . i have a 92 sc400 that had leaky valve covers and all i did was tighten the bolts a little and the leak stopped. try that first.
  19. power steering pump,alternator,starter,water pump & timing belts with tensioners,batteries,window regulators,headlights,shocks,swaybar bushings,radiator,radiator reservoir & coolant level sensor,heater regulator,belts,tires,burnt up cats,spark plugs & wires,instrument light bulbs,fuel filters,torque converter(under warranty),motor & transmission mounts,trunk support shocks(twice),cd changer,,floor mats,ac compressor. i think thats everything.
  20. i went to the sporting goods store and bought tennis raquet handle wrap.the kind i bought has a tacky feel to it and worked great. i put it on in sections not one continuous wrap. you can buy charcoal (which matched my leather perfectly) or tan or whatever.
  21. my 92 sc400 has a build date of april 1991 in nagasaki, japan. i can't tell you the vin now though.
  22. i have a 92 sc400 and i had mine replaced last year at 165000 miles.the water pump seal failed so i saw coolant on the garage floor that was coming from the weep hole on the pump. this was telling me the pump would fail soon so i drove it to toyota and had the timing belts,water pump & tensioners replaced.
  23. yes they are with no modifications. i have them on my car as you can see. don't buy the bridgestone tires because they ride awful compared to my pirelli p6000 or p7000 supersports that are way less expensive also.
  24. i noticed that the 2004 lx 470 have dunlops on them now instead of michelin. does any one know why the change was made. i assume the dunlops are cheaper? buy the way the michelins are awesome. how many miles will the michelin tires and the brakes last before they need to be replaced?
  25. my wife helped me add a picture of my car to my info. check it out. its a 1992 sc400 that was actually built in april of 1991. i bought it in 1995 with 57,000 miles on it. it had the chrome wagon wheels and was black with grey interior.options included heated seats & traction control but no sunroof. it was love at first site so i bought it for $27,000. i am a pharmacist that hates pharmacy so after taking the car in for service at sewell lexus in dallas the thought came to me that i might want to be a service advisor.i was eventually hired as an estimator at their brand new body shop. i worked there for 2 years and became part of the management team my second year there. it was at the body shop that i upgraded to chrome gs400 wheels(5 of them including the spare)and on my last week there they put a 1998 model front bumper cover on my car as a going away present. this updated the car dramatically to say the least. over the years i have replaced worn out parts and at 174,000 miles it feels just as good as the day i bought it. it is a fantastic car with unbelievable build quality. not 1 rattle. i like lexus so much that last year we went out and bought a 2003 sanddollar lx470 which i plan on keeping for at least 10 years if i can keep affording to keep gas in it. now i am back in pharmacy and have moved to beautiful north carolina.
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