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  1. My 93 sc400 has power steering fluid leaking from the hose connection and I was going to remove it to replace it and now I've am confused how the hose comes apart from the pump??? Can someone help me. Also I called the auto parts store and nobody carries the replaceent hose and i called the dealer and they want 550 for a new hose anybody have a cheaper way to go here too.
  2. Send me an email with the information
  3. I took my CD player in to a professional car radio repair shop in Phx and they had it for 4 weeks and finally fixed it only to have it break 1 week later. I took it to them again and they fixed it only to have it break 1 day later. Now I took it back and they claim the part that is broken on it is no longer available. The good news is they are giving me back 85 of the 120 bucks I gave them to fix it. Bottom line I really would like to replace it with another cd player so does anyone out there have one reasonably priced that works. It's for a 93 SC400.
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to properly clean your engine? My cousin told me to get a can of gumout and spray the whole engine area with it then drive down to the local self serve car wash and directly spray the engine compartment with the high pressure sprayer. Is this the correct way to approach cleaning my engine or would the water get into areas I don;t want to get wet?
  5. If you want stock replacement speakers I have them for you. PM or EM me ← Can you email me at for the speakers?
  6. How do you remove the back deck lid Does it pop off like the back seat?
  7. I keep getting an error message when i hit the pm button. I am new to this site how does it work? I am interested in replacing the bad speakers. Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! I changed out the reservoir this weekend $140 for the part and it wasn't difficult better than 380 at the shop . I did notice that I needed to add allot of coolant to the resevoir when it was cold and i would start the car up for a couple of seconds and shut it off and the coolant level would be low again. So i would add more does anyone know if there is an easier way to fill the system?
  9. My 2 rear speakers don't work at all and the sub barely makes noise so I took the nakamichi amp to the shop thinking that was the problem but the amp was fine. The shop said the speakers were bad and need replacing. Does anyone know how to get to those three speakers to replace them and what size are they so I can buy replacements? I thought it was wierd that the 2 speakers stopped working has anyone else had this problem? The rears were not working when I bought the car so who knows how it happened! Does anyone have recommendations for replacement speakers?
  10. I looked on the site but did not see the coolant reservoir. I also was looking at ebay and someone was selling the lower control arms for 385. Does anybody know where i can get these any cheaper? They said that nobody replaces just the bushings, they recomend replacing the whole control arm is there any truth to this?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, no I do not own a shop manual yet. Are they fairly self explanatory and are there different types? I do own allot of tools and I purchased this car as a project car so I am going to do as much of the work on it that I can. One big project I have been putting off is the front headlights have standing water in them and I read in this forum where you can remove them and place them in the oven to seperate the 2 halves. My problem is what should I work on first? A guy I work with told me I should just repair the Reservoir with epoxy on the outside. That might be a tempor
  12. I just took my newly purchased 93 SC400 (65K miles) in to have it gone over to see if there was anything wrong with it. Good news is it has a new timing belt but the bad news...... Does anyone know of where I can get a replacement SC400 coolant reservoir mine has a crack and the local shop wants 380 dollars to replace. Also is it easy to replace myself. I take it I'll need to drain my whole coolant system. Is there a drain plug on the radiator to do this? Also the shop said I need the front bushings replaced and it would cost 950 dollars. Is that an easy job that anyone can do, I just thoug
  13. I have the same issue my rear speakers don't work except a slight noise coming from them. I pulled out the amp and you can see on one side where moisture had dripped on it and corrosion has started. I'm wondering if that is my problem. Also if you don't want the amp from the guy who has one I'll take it. Maybe it will solve my problem!!!!
  14. Here's another issue...I called the Lexus dealer to find out what a timing belt change out cost and they claim I also need the valves adjusted at 60K. Does anyone know if this is also needed at 60K?
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