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  1. ECT = electronically controlled transmission. It needs electricity to work properly. thanks for your help, heading to buy a new battery today. thanks again :-)
  2. and this causes the transmission to act funny? thanks
  3. Hi, after leaving my lights on for a few minutes in my 98 LS400, it drained my battery. after letting the car sit for a few minutes, the car finally started. once it started, the VSC light and the Check VSC warning light came on. when i took off, the car had little take off power, like the transmission was not working properly. the lights were still dim from the battery run down. after pulling over and letting the battery build up, the car then ran fine and the transmission did fine. both warning lights went out as well. is this because of the battery running down and maybe affecting the
  4. i was also reading this on the forum and was wondering could this be my problem? "I think folks sometimes forget the many differences that the 98+ LS have over previous models. Your throttle body can and will get dirty but this will not cause the problem you noted. The 98+ LS does not have an EGR system as the earlier ones do, they’re able to reduce emissions through the use of VVT-i. You have an electric motor mounted at the throttle body which controls the throttle, and is most likely what caused your intermittent problem. That still doesn’t justify replacing the complete throttle body, ra
  5. I have a 98 LS 400 with 62,000 miles on it. I was reading in my owner's manual that when you start your car, sometimes you will hear a sound in the engine compartment which means that the anti lock brake system is in the self check mode. Today when I started my car, I heard this rattling noise under the hood so I figured it was the brake system doing its check. After about 20 second of this, I decided to press on the gas pedal to idle the car up to see would that stop the noise. When I pressed the pedal, the engine did not idle up. I put the car in gear and the car did not accelerate in any ge
  6. my rack on my 95 ls was leaking and the car would wander and once the rack was replaced, the problem went away
  7. thanks guys for all your help ;)
  8. on my 95 LS, i was wondering is the steering suppose to be somewhat stiff. on my old caddy, i can turn it to a hard right or left with one finger but with the lex it takes a little more effort, like a sports car. plus, while driving, to go around a curve, you feel the effort. with the 79 caddy, you don't know you are turning it. this is the only LS lex i've driven so i do not have anything to compare it to. also, i put a new steering rack on it last year because it was leaking. thanks, adam
  9. on my 95 ls400, i moved up to a 235 tire verses the 225. is that throwing my speedometer/odometer off? if so, how much? thanks, adam
  10. disconnecting the battery won't work because doesn't the car run off the alternator, once it's running?
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