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  1. Just air pressure in the cabin building. This is not specific to the 06 GS. crack the front windows about an inch or so and it will go away. steviej
  2. Disconnect the negative cable and secure it to it will not move and accidentally rehit the negative post. Shouldn't be a problem. steviej
  3. Your car should still be under warranty, no? There is a TSB for dusty brake pads and the dealership should swap them out for you. Call them. use the search function here as there are many threads about it. steviej
  4. Have a mechanic or do it yourself, apply brake quiet to your pads and shims. If that doesn't work, then consider having your rotors cut. If that doesn't clear it, then consider new pads. Akebono ProAct are very reasonably priced and Akebono actually makes Toyotas pads. steviej
  5. Oil and filter is a piece of cake. The mileage question is personal preference and you will probably get a variety of answers. Synthetic should be able to extend the interval but you are still under warranty and if anything did happen, you don't want to give Toyota a chance or reason to not cover anything. I would not go past the 7.5K mile mark and I love working on cars so I just do it at every 5k. It makes not having to remember when to change it as I will be in sync with the stupid little (but convenient) reminder light. The only fluid I would really do is a complete flush of brake fluid every 30k or two years. There is no power steering fluid and the tranny fluid is inaccessessable by the shade tree mechanic. Coolant "should" be good for 100k miles. If you can find the lube nipples you can lube them yourself. I rotate the tires every when I put on the winter snows. Steve
  6. you can buy the Toyota Denso filters online for about what you paid for the Fram filter in the store. Try Sewell Parts Online,, and Park Place Lexus. I have had good success with all three of those. steviej
  7. If you had the TSB done, the number of the TSB should be listed on your service invoice. Please post up that TSB number. steviej
  8. I saw a members GS that had a sleek trailer hitch on it. The hitch would then accept a hitch mount bike rack/ ski rack/snowboard rack. steviej
  9. I believe the TSB is AC003R-07 (Feb 08): A/C-Driver/Passenger Front/Rear Carpets Wet Sorry, I do not have this one on PDF to post. steviej
  10. go to any high quality automotive upholstery shop. They should be able to buy leather or vinyl pieces that match you color code. steviej
  11. have you pulled the front wheels off to see if a heat shield or brake shield is bent. Maybe a cable has been moved and rubs the inside of the rim when you cut the wheel right. Do you have to cut the wheel tight to hear it, or do you hear it even on a long gradual right turn with not much rotation of the steering wheel? steviej
  12. Synthetic is fine. I have been running it in my GS for over 3 years now. I also ran it in my 2002 ES for 100k miles with no problems. Question the dealer as to why they say that since Toyota/Lexus is even starting to ship with synthetic as factory oil. steviej
  13. I watched someone once get ink off a leather seat panel using hairspray. Aquanet I believe. steviej
  14. try for lots of stuff. steviej
  15. cold. If your GS is a 2006 of greater, take it to the dealership as there is a specific procedure for doing this. you can't just drain and fill the newer trannys. steviej
  16. I use ramps all the time. I think these were from Sears. Just make sure you use the kind with bump stops at the end so you don't drive off the cliff. If you get ramps that are too steep and the bottom of your bumper hits the ramps before the the wheels start up the incline, then place a 3' 2x6 before the ramp. Drive up on the 2x6, then up on the ramp. It will raise the front end slightly so it doesn't hit the ramps. steviej
  17. Start with these. SB0155-09 NOV 09 Brakes - Excessive Brake Dust On Front Wheels SB0040-09 APR 09 Brakes - Front Brake Squeal/Squeak In Cold Weather SB0121-08R2 MAR 09 Brakes - Excessive Brake Dust On Wheels steviej
  18. The 06 GS has a strange route for the drain tubing from the AC box. It is not uncommon for it to get clogged and then the water leaks into the inner compartment. The liquid in HB Surfcat's case may have caused a short in one of the wiring harnesses. Similarly, I had a situation where all my lights except the CEL came on. Dealership went all through the car, every connection and couldn't find a problem. Only code in memory was a CamBus code, I forget the number but is started with a U. Each system checked out individually. On a whim, I changed out the gas cap and it has never happened since. steviej
  19. Well, it seems like the rear brake disc skim has solved it. That begs the question - what on earth would heat the rear brakes up to the extent they warp?? I don't think we have ever left the parking brake on when driving, although there were a few 40c+ days last year. Faulty parts maybe? (I know they have had a problem with front brake disks warping as they replaced these first under warranty, but they are a totally different part). brake very hard or slightly drag the pads on the rotor for a while to heat up the metal nice and hot, then run through a puddle. The sudden cooling off from the water can cause a rotor to warp. It may not be a warped rotor, though. Your rotor could have glazed over and created a rough surface that the pads were not removing, istead it was creating a vibration. Resurfacing the rotors will solve both scenarios. steviej
  20. If the tire pressor sensors are mounted in the the new rims, they should. The sensor is actually attached to the valve stem inside the rim. steviej
  21. Find a reputable tire shop in your area that uses a Road Force balancing machine. Have a tire specialist try to rebalance each tire/rim in question. He/she may have to move the tire around a little bit on the rim. The additional balancing with road force applied to the tire while spinning will also help get the best possible balance for a slightly bent/warped rim. It may cost you about $25 each wheel, but at that point it is cheaper than replacement. If the rim(s) are not balancable to your driving specificiations, then bite the bullet, cough up the ducats and swap them out. I had a set of Enkei chrome rims on my ES300 and Town Fair tire gave me the same scenario you described. First they were fine, then they were slightly bent. They were not convincing. A Sullivan Tire (local chain) technician spent about 30 minutes on each set on a road force balance machine and did a pretty good job in eliminating the vibration. I did not have to replace any of them and went on to use them for four years after that. steviej PS. If you get them balanced or replaced and the precipitating event happens again, then I suggest replacing the girlfriend.
  22. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, it seems like the previous owner was involved in serious accident and had the bumpers replaced with non-Lexus bumpers. Don't ever purchase a vehicle from carmax. I will never. WHOA WHOA WHOA! Do not assume your car has been in a wreck. The flip down panel comes with all buttons on it for every car, there is only one part for this module. The only buttons that work are the buttons for the equipment or options loaded on your car. For example, my car does not have and did not have from the factory the rear sun shade and park assist. However, I have those buttons on my flip down panel. They don't work or course. The top right button should be blank as well. Along the same line, if you remove the center console, you will also find wiring harnesses for equipment that you may not have, ie adjustable suspension. When in doubt, have your dealership run you VIN and they should be able to get a build sheet that will tell you what your car came with from the factory. Kind of like a reprint of the window sticket that came on the car. steviej steviej
  23. no, just the big white (maybe grey with time to replace) pleated pillowy foamy one.
  24. I bought a 2006 GS300 AWD off my aunt in May 2008 with 32k miles on it and all the appropriate services at the dealership (she is like that). The car now has 69,500 miles on it and I haven't had a problem execpt having to replace a gas cap (common problem) to resolve some random, infrequent Check VSC messages. All minor services and routine maintenance are done by me. The only things the car has seen the dealership for is the service campaigns initiated by Lexus. I totally love this car. steviej