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  1. Have any of you experienced this one? Was driving (2006 GS300 AWD) & decided to put the rear windows down to let in some fresh air. Suddenly it sounded like a helicopter had landed in my back seat! It disappeared as soon as I put up the windows. Happens every time, & I checked -- no helicopters are around ;-) It's just the darn wind noise. I can't believe a GS could have this problem.
  2. boB -- After reading the DVD bypass thread, I decided to pull out the stereo/nav unit & disconnect/reconnect the cables. Works like a champ now! Thanks for your help! (now I have to research the threads related to iPod/Aux options, so I can expand the music selection)
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try -- probably the battery cable option first, so I don't screw up anything (haha). Thanks again.
  4. First post -- looking for help w/my CD player. The display shows that the CD player is working (you can see track number & time counting), but I cannot hear anything (it's not speakers, since they work fine w/radio & cassette). It used to do this once in a while, sometimes after a bump (i.e. after going over RR tracks). Now it's a full-time situation that is driving me nuts. Have any of you seen this before? Any fixes you can recommend? Thank you for your help! 2006 GS300 w/Mark Levinson + Nav