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  1. Hello guys, I am now searching for a longer time for a good exhaust system for my gs300. It should bo not to loud but also not to quiet. Can you suggest me some exhausts? On ebay I´ve found some offers May you can posts your opinions between these exhausts: NVIDIA Q300 CATBACK EXHAUST LEXUS GS300 GS350 06-09 MEGAN OE-RS CATBACK EXHAUST LEXUS GS300 GS350 06+ GRS19 with midpipes Greddy Lexus GS Evolution 2 Exhaust System 10116693 F-Sport exhaust system the few soundclips that I found in the internet were not very helpfull. May someone of you has one in a good quality. Please help me guys. I don´t want to pay 200€ for the shipping and then 200€ to ship it back. Best regards. GermanLEXDriver
  2. Hello, The f- Sport air intake doesn´t fit the gs 300. the filter is the same like for the IS. But with a few modifications it will work. But what´s about the exhaust???? I have never seen or heard on youtube the F- sport exhaust on a gs 300 or 460. Does someone already uploaded a file? Help me guys...