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  1. Emperor Penguin

    New Seat Belt?

    My driver seat belt is slow to retract. Anyone here know where I can source a good replacement seat belt that will not cost me $400 from the dealership? I own a 1995 LS400.
  2. Emperor Penguin

    How To Replace Trunk Supports?

    My rear trunk supports are shot. I bought new ones and they arrived, but I have no clue on how to replace them. Can anyone here tell me how to replace them step by step? I have a 1995 LS400.
  3. Emperor Penguin

    Seat Belt Sticky--Easy To Replace?

    The title speaks for itself. After about twenty-three years my driver's seat belt does not retract well. Is the repair easy enough I can do it myself, or complicated that I should take it to a shop and have them do it? I have a 1995 LS 400.
  4. How do you guys remove the climate control switch? Is it simply a matter of using a flat-head screwdriver and simply pry it out? I want to check with you guys first before I may inadvertently damage the dash trying to force it out.
  5. Hi, guys. This is my opening thread, and I hope to learn a lot from you guys. I have a problem with my passenger side power window. In short, the right side power window is dead. I cannot roll it up or down with the right side power window switch, nor does the master power window switch roll it up or down. However, an amateur mechanic I know working at a used car lot told me that in his opinion the master power window switch needs to be replaced. He finds that there is nothing wrong with the window motor, as he easily rolled the window up and down using an external power source. The fault, he thinks, is in the master switch, because he thinks that the passenger power switch is merely an extension of the master power window switch. So far, I shopped on eBay motors and bought three switches cheaply, since I did not see the point of paying $200-400 for a new master switch. So far, all three switches failed to open or close the front passenger window, and one rolled the right rear window down, but not back up. I wonder if the fault is something other than the master switch? Does anyone here have an idea of what I should do here. There is a new master power window switch for $200 that I might want to grab, but I want a second opinion before I pull the trigger.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums Emperor Penguin :)