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  1. I have a 1994 Lexus ls400, and I’m trying to fix the steering wheel tilt. But for some reason the right side of the column won’t move. I have taken out the screw behind the steering wheel, and 1 from the bottom. The other screw on the bottom was missing. There’s a hole that goes directing into the column, I think that’s why the right side it stuck. I’ve tried just tried to rip it off but it just won’t budge (I really hope I ain’t dumb and it’s just a stubborn clip), if anyone got any ideas I would really appreciate it thank you 🙂
  2. Hey, I have a 1994 ls400 So many of you know the fix to the steering wheel tilt of taking of the steering column cover and cleaning the blue gear. I’ve tried to do this but for some reason the cover will just not come off. I’ve taken out the 1 screw at the bottom and the one that’s hidden. I know there’s two at the bottom, but one of the holes where the screw should be is just a hole. Like some one took a screw driver and shoved it down the hole and broke the plastic. Looking into the hole you can see the steering motor. The left side comes apart easy but the right side just won’t come apart. The right side of the bottom part of the trim Just won’t move. I think it has something to do with the missing screw, maybe jamming a clip but I really don’t know. If y’all could help thanks (I’ve tried just ripping it off as hard as I could but that *BLEEP* stuck) Thanks