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  1. Just add some more fluid until you get the correct level; more than 1.9 litres could have drained out.
  2. my socket wrench only go up to 140 ft. lbs. ; so do I have to buy a bigger wrench to tighten the crank bolt to 181 ft. lbs?
  3. +1. thanks for your reply landar; will buy the parts from toyota dealer.
  4. +1. thanks for your reply landar; will buy the parts from toyota dealer.
  5. here is the PACKAGE deal from lextreme.com for 98 LS400 Water Pump & Timing Package Item Price LS400, SC400 and GS400 Timing Belt #1uzfetimingbelt $70.00 USD Crank Seal Front #cranksealfront $8.00 USD Camshaft Seals (2) #camshaftseals $16.00 USD Idler Pulley (Tension) #idlerpulleytenson $120.00 USD Idler Pulley Left side #idlerpulleyleft $74.00 USD Air Filter #airfilter $21.00 USD Fan Belt #fanbelt $65.00 USD Disstirbutor Rotor (2) #distirbutorrotor $22.00 USD Distributor Cap (2) #distributorcap $38.00 USD Water Pump #waterpump $186.00 USD my question is: do I need Crank Seal Front & Camshaft Seals (2)? and I wonder why they include distributor rotor and distributor cap ?? 98 LS400 has no distributor rotor and cap, right??
  6. Really really great write up ! Now I have more confidence to replace mine. "T/S gasket $4.46 p/n 16325-62010 O-ring $2.63 p/n 96761-24019" BTW, what is t/s gasket t/s stands for? Also what is the O ring for? Is that for the water pump? Thank you.
  7. last time my 94LS got problem I have it towed to the Lexus dealer and they charged me about $130.00 for diagnostic (that included round trip ride back and forth from my house to the dealer! ) and that way I know for sure what was broken instead of guessing. Not bad!
  8. found this deal on ebay: check it out. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...T&viewitem=
  9. well, I'll stick with the 98 LS; they are a lot cheaper than the 01-03 LS430; I don't really need those fancy electronics with the 01-03; anyway, here is the link to compare the difference: http://www.lexls.com/info/lsgenerations.html
  10. my 98 LS400 has 79000 miles and I still have not changed my timing belt/water pump yet. I'll wait till 90000 mi.
  11. +1 exactly; I upgraded to '98 LS from '94 recently; day and night different! '98 all the way. check out this link: http://www.lexls.com/info/lsgenerations.html Thanks for the link. I see why everyone's telling me to go for the 98. If you are a DIY kind of guy is the 98 harder to work on than the 97? I don't know about '97, but '94 and '98 is about the same and it is easlier to change the spark plug with '98.; coolant change, brakes, oil, brake fluid are same. But as what you described, don't get that '98. previous owners did not seem to take good care of the car.
  12. +1 exactly; I upgraded to '98 LS from '94 recently; day and night different! '98 all the way. check out this link: http://www.lexls.com/info/lsgenerations.html
  13. I'll use OEM pads; less brake dust. cheap non OEM pads has a lot of brake dust; I learnt my lesson before.
  14. my'98 LS manual said I can drive the car 15 to 20 seconds after starting the car. 10 mintues is too long! you are pouring money down the drain.
  15. Are you talking about the coolant temp sensor? I'm thinking to change my 98 LS400 (78,000 miles) coolant temp sensor but I wonder what kind of mpg improvement I may get? I'm only getting 15mpg city. Did you change yours? If so, any difference with mpg?
  16. which seller did you order from? :) Mine will be out soon. Thanks.
  17. I had a similiar problem with my 94 LS400 two months ago and I took it to the dealer; they told me the engine ECU was not working. they charged me $100.00 for the diagnostic. check out this link: http://www.lextreme.com/Lex%20DX.pdf
  18. hey guys, some of you may have this same problem: oil leaks from the valve cover on both side. And the oil leaks to the exhaust and smell kind of bad; I wonder how difficult to replace the gasket; I know there is a write up at lexLS.com but that is for '90-'94 LS engine. do you know any write up for '98 LS400? Thank you in advance. :)
  19. I have a '93 Nakamachi receiver available; let me know if you have to replace yours. Thank you.
  20. the air strut on the left rear is already leaking so it is lowered; it will sink all the way down after park overnight; DON'T EVER BUY any LS with air suspension; I learnt a lesson and that cost me $1,400 to replace just the right rear air strut; RUN no matter how nice the car look unless you willing to pay over $4,000 to replace all 4 strut eventually. plus some other component of the air suspensioon may fail too such as the compressor etc etc. :o
  21. your tutorial says that resistance should be 5.1-6.3 ohms at 68 degrees. are you referring the 68 degrees to the engine temperature? or what temp. you are talking about ? Please help. Thank you.
  22. any idea what parts I need to solve this 'loose shifter' problem?
  23. a used car manager once told me they made more money selling used car than selling new cars.
  24. Don't ever buy an LS400 with air suspension. That will cost you big time down the road.
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