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  1. There are 10 different paterns. Your local dealer should have them all to match up to your vehicle. If not, there is an index card in the owners manual portfolio with the information to order one directly from Mcgard. (thats the company that makes Toyota/Lexus wheel locks.)
  2. That's a lot of work to sell your $130 part.
  3. Almost all Lexus are from Japan (VIN starts with J) 2004-2010 RX are made in both Canada (VIN starts with 2) and Japan.
  4. We occasionally get people in complaining "vehicle accelerates by itself." In most cases it's been that they put the all weather mats on top of the carpet mats. If you have clear plastic mats they aren't made by Lexus. As of right now the only redesigned mat is the ES350 all weather. That one has been out for about a year now. I haven't received any notice from Lexus about the IS. Usually they want us to send stock back and then they put a "stop sale" on them.
  5. I guess I didn't realize this was still on here. I've been off the forum for quite awhile until recently. I'll try to check in regularly.
  6. They're made by McGaurd. You should have an index card in the owners manual portfolio that will have the info to order a replacement. There are 10 different locks. The card will have a code for what one you have. Your dealer may stock each one also.
  7. Lexus has the F-Sport line of accessory add on's for your vehicle. Brakes, exhaust, suspension, cold air intake etc. Kinda pricey though. You can Email me if you want more info on them.
  8. The one that goes in from the bottom is #75867-30120. You can get it at any Lexus/Toyota dealer.
  9. If you give me your VIN I can tell you what ones you need. -Terry
  10. There are some minor things to switch over from your old motor but its not too bad. Same computer.
  11. I would first check for power to the switch with a test light from the back side of the plug.
  12. Neither one looks great. The LTX has a low treadwear grade. Traction grade is decent but the temp grade isn't. The latitude is similar but higher treadwear grade so that one would wear alot slower. I myself am a big fan of Toyo tires.
  13. I would recommend Japan Engine Inc. 1-866-532-7878 or Engine world 1-800-903-4430. Good pricing, low mile, and a warranty.
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