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  1. gx470forme, You've already lemon lawed 2 vehicles and you're working on your 3rd? Are you serious? What do you think are the odds of you being the recipient of 3 lemons? What's the common denominator in all 3 of those cases? Yeah, I'm one of those consumers that likes to pay $50k for shotty products. Come on, that's stupid. I expect a great car for that kind of money and you should too. But you can't expect perfection and I just think some of these complaints are drastically blown out of proportion. If the GX is such a horrible vehicle riddled with so many problems and Lexus is so aw
  2. I'm amazed at how quickly folks are ready to trash a car and a company over some minor problems. There are people here suggesting Lexus buy back a vehicle because there's a barely perceptible vibration in the steering wheel between 1700-2200rpms. I own a GX and I realize it's not perfect. But if you guys would check the boards for any other manufacturer at Edmunds or any other site, you'd see that your GX problems pale in comparison to the major mechanical and electrical problems people are having with other $50K vehicles. After I had owned a BMW X5 for a year, I read the X5 boards at Ed
  3. I had the front windows tinted by the dealer with the Huper Optik ceramic tint. The Nav seems to work fine. Depending on which state you live in, it's doubtful that you'll be able to tint the front windows quite as dark as the rear. It's illegal in most states to make them that dark in the front. Mine is pretty close and still looks great.
  4. You can't blame Lexus for disabling those functions. It's our own society that thinks that the words lawsuit and jackpot are synonyms. Yes, people would sue Lexus if they hit a wall while entering a new address. Why don't you mark your home and then register that as the home address. Pull into your garage and hit mark point, and then register that as Home. Of course, if someone steals your car with your garage door opener in it, they'll hit the voice command and say "take me to the guy's house I'm going to rob and open the garage door." I think you got a little carried away when you said
  5. No one has ever reported a fix for this. I think it's going to be one of those things that you tolerate. I honestly think it's blown way out of proportion. If I didn't specifically feel for it, I never would notice it. I doubt corporate is going to turn flips over it.
  6. I agree with you 100%. They have XM available only on the new LS I believe. I've spent a lot of time on the XM forum asking folks about hard wiring this thing. I know nothing about the inner workings of electronics, but it just doesn't seem like it should be that hard to do. It seemed logical to me that most of these audio systems would use one or two variations of connections for cd players, etc... and that you would only need a couple of adapters to take care of all systems. I've been told that this isn't the case and that it's not possible to do the direct connection into my system as
  7. I love my GX470. Nothing's perfect and it doesn't have any more issues than any other luxury SUV. These types of threads got out of control at Club Lexus, it seems people may have some unrealistic expectations that even Lexus can't meet. Check any other manufacturer's board and read about the problems those owners are experiencing and it will put it in perspective for you. BTW, we've felt the clunk once, the vibration is the most ridiculous complaint I've ever heard, it's barely perceptible, everything else is awesome. If I could change anything, I'd make the seat extend further under m
  8. I just noticed that the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety had finally crashed a GX470. It received a Best Pick, and placed 2nd only to the Volvo XC90 vault. And it placed just ahead of my BMW X5. I bought the GX banking on Lexus' reputation for safety and I'm glad they didn't let me down. It's so nice to see so much improvement in all of the categories of vehicles, lots more in the Good category and lots of Best Picks. When I started getting interested in auto safety a couple of years ago, it was rare to find one or two Good vehicles in each category.
  9. I've researched this a ton. I've contacted Blitzsafe but they don't have an adapter yet for the GX. They've put me on the email notification list, but I'm not expecting it any time soon. I was really disappointed that I couldn't find a way to make a direct connection. There's a guy on the XM forum who's thinking of cutting open the cables in his RX300 and soldering on an XM connection, but I don't think I'll be doing any cutting or soldering on my new GX. The tape adapter is 2nd in sound quality behind the direct connection. I ended up buying the XM Roady by Delphi through the tape ada
  10. I have a new 04 GX and I think the ML sound system is great. I agree that the bass is very prominent and may be too much for some folks, but I love it, it's not flabby, it's tight and refined. My wife commented that if she really wants to crank it, it's nice, but other times it's too much. So that sounds like your experience. Maybe the Nakamichi system was geared more to the upper frequencies. Maybe you should experiment with the bass level and mid level on the system adjustments. I have my treble turned up a little and my bass at the mid point.
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