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  1. We've had our '04 GX since November 2003. We've had none of the problems mentioned in this forum. We love this car!!!
  2. Sorry you're having problems. We've had ours since November '03, and it's smooth and quiet at all speeds. Definitely keep on the dealer! If it's making that much noise there is a problem! Good luck. -X-
  3. I've been reading this forum since Nov 2003, when we bought our '04 GX470. It kind of floors me that all I read here are the negative things about this car. Guess what?? You people are the minority of GX owners. Yes, I am sorry you're having problems with this car. It sucks to pay this much for a vehicle then have to deal with issues, especially when you have a difficult dealer to go through. We have almost 5000 miles on ours, and none of the problems reported here have surfaced. No thunks, vibrations, bad odors, electrical problems or faulty navigation system. The dealer has been awes
  4. Same here - love the ML sound system in our GX, especially at high volumes. My daily driver is an Acura TL-S with a "Bloze" (AKA Bose) system...and getting into the GX makes me feel like entering heaven with the ML crankin'. -X-
  5. I was told by my dealer (Lexus of Bellevue, WA) that the rear camera can only be installed at the factory. I was unhappy...also have an 04 w/out it (but want it). -X-
  6. Cool, thanks for the info. Got a call into my tinter! B)
  7. We have an 04 GX470, and I'd like to get the front driver/passenger side windows tinted to match the factory tint on the rear windows. Does anyone know if this will mess up with navigation reception? I have yet to figure out where the nav antennae is... Also, anyone know if there is a TRD supercharger out yet that will fit in the GX? Thanks in advance! -X-
  8. Same question: I have an '04 w/out the camera, and was wondering if I can have it added on by the dealer. I spoke to our salesperson, but she said they can't. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me differently! Only complaint with the car is the limited rear visibility. Thx in advance, -X-
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