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  1. Turns out had some problems for those GX470 owners that ordered the H11 retrofit kit. The bulb fits everything but the Asian vehicles, Including Lexus. They have rectified the situation and are using a different configuration for the bulb that will slide though the smaller opening. I will be ordering mine next week... :D
  2. [Maybe it is me but from that picture it is just a cheapass POS rebase kit which needs to be modified to fit with another bulbs base. A complete waste of time. $5000 that is the most rediculas price for any hid kit unless it was a full oem kit with headlights and levelers] Hey Now.... $500.00 (five hundred) not $5,000.00 (five thousand). Do you have enough expertise in HID lighting to trash this system? If you do, share a solution :chairshot:
  3. There are H11 conversion kits out there. Total cost of kit is around $500.00 which included balasts etc. Should fit right into the standard socket and would not alter the focused beams currently used. Kinda interesting! H11 HID conversion kit @ Proxenon
  4. Trying to get a handle on the number of "OWNERS" who have been experiencing problems with their GX470 and what seems to be the most common. Thanks Feel Free to add your comments as a post to help explain your issues as well
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