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  1. I am installing sat radio in my friends car. My antenna is on the roof in the back. I have seen some with the antenna on the roof above the windshield. What is the best place to put the antenna and how do you run the wire for the antenna?
  2. I had other problems also. My nav was way off on a regular basis. You should just call Eugene at Vaistech.
  3. Do you have a vaistech unit in the car? I had the same problem, among other problems. I thought it might be the vaistech unit. I contacted Eugene at vaistech and he immediately sent me a new unit, which fixed all the problems. You cannot beat his customer service.
  4. My navigation system has been inaccurate more and more. If obviously does not know where I am, and it seems to be happening more often. Sometimes it resets itself, but then it screws up again. I have had XM Vaistech for several years. More recently, I did the DVD override (does that have something to do with it?). Anyone have this problem?
  5. Does anyone have an XM Commander bezel/faceplate that they don't need?
  6. My kids get in and out of the rear door all the time. It is not a big deal.
  7. But you should also know that it is a huge pain in the !Removed! buckling 3 booster seats every time your kid gets in. They are smushed together and you have to really work to get the seat belt across the booster seat and into the buckle. But that would be a problem in any car that you want to put 3 booster seats in one row. One booster seat with to car seats may seam like it will be easier, but it will still be a pain to buckle that booster. This is one of the reasons why minivans are so popular.
  8. 3 carseats fit no problem. I have had 3 carseats and now 3 booster seats in the second row and they easily fit.
  9. I installed mine for XM already. It is plug and play. Look here. Be very careful removing the wood trim next to the radio. You will likely break some clips.
  10. There are 10 available presets. You scroll through them in station numerical order by pressing and holding the steering wheel up and down button.
  11. Yes, the station name, artist and song title are displayed.
  12. Will post the pictures soon. Battery in my camera died just as I was about to take the pictures. The problems aren't really problems. More of a programming thing. For example, the radio recognizes XM as disk #1. I was then not able to use the #1 for direct entry. After talking to Vaistech tech person, he understood and is now going to set it to be disk 12. (you don't need #12 for direct entry) That is the perfect solution. Also, when I lost XM signal in a parking garage, there was a problem which they are correcting. Otherwise, it really is exactly what you need for XM. I used it to
  13. I received the Vaistech AIC-100X and installed it today. Since I bought my GX a year ago, I have been waiting for this. I had the Terk Commander with FM modulator (which totally sucked). You could use that (w/o the display or FM modulator) if you have it already or you could just buy the XM direct (I think that is what it is called) Well, it totally works. It emulates as an MD changer. You switch to it using the Disk button by pressing it a couple of extra times. Mine is one of the first units and there were some problems, none of them worth explaining. The install is easy if you are handy. I
  14. Anyone know if the 2004's can be upgraded to bluetooth?
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