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  1. I traded the X5 for a BMW convertible - I have owned 5 BMWs and (to me) they are far superior to Lexus - especially in quality. I would go for the X5. I will probably never buy another Lexus.
  2. I would think long and hard before I bought a GX - see my other posting. I bought a new X5 4.4 in 2001 that I owned for about a year. I admit I had a few problems with it, but they were minor compared to the problems with my GX.
  3. The dealer kept my GX for about 10 days...this is the results... The "thump" in the transmission is normal according to them - although I think I am hearing the sound more frequently. A wire in the harness to the amp came loose so they replaced the amp and wire - radio is working at the moment. They admitted that Lexus just became aware of the air conditioning problem and will probably have a campaign later for this repair. In the meantime, they recharged the freon and removed some of the plastic fender well so more air can flow to the compressor. When idling for a while on summer days the
  4. I purchased a new GX470 about 6 weeks ago and it has been riddled with problems. Currently the vehicle has been at the dealership for over a week and they have told me they have called a Lexus rep in to diagnose the cause of the problems. Has anyone else experienced this kind of trouble with a GX470? The vehicle only has 2,000 miles on it. I am ready to give it back to Lexus! Any suggestions? Problems 1. Air compressor turns off when idling for a while at a red light. Dealership said Lexus just discovered this problem, but does not have a fix yet. 2. Audio system (Navigation with Mark Levin
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