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  1. The Levinson system sounds great when you turn it up loud. But we normally listen at lower levels so that we can also hold a conversation. And its just not as good as the Nakamichi at these levels. Also, the Nakamichi subwoofer was on the back dash with the trunk below it. You could really feel it in you back. The GX has subwoofers in the doors, and you feel the door pulse since your arm is resting against it. Maybe this was the best they could do considering the space they had to work with. Its not bad, just not as good as the Nakamichi IMO.
  2. We purchased a GX470 with the Mark Levinson sound system and Navigation package in March for my wife. Her previous car was a LS400 with the Nakamichi system. The Nakamichi blows the Levinson away. Does anyone have any suggestions that might improve the sound of the ML System? I realize that the "sound chamber" for the GX is vastly different than the LS. But the GX sounds muddy with too much bass. Almost all of the front speakers are mounted in the door so it is easy to block them with your leg. The ML system just doesn't have the same "punch" as the Nakamichi. The sound seems to comi
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