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  1. Update* The problem is basically gone in the warm weather ! Now that tems are above 40-50 I feel no drone/vibration... Hmmmmmm
  2. I have the drone also. They have a TSB for this. Its a common problem. Is it a 04 ?
  3. Update 3-05 Still working on the vibration issues with my dealer. My car has 23k on it now and I am leaning with the tires. In my case the kit fixed it for only a while....Appointment today so we will see !
  4. Update 11-04 TSB kit ( installed May 04) fixed 95% of the problem up until a few weeks has returned after 9,000 miles. They now say its a characteristic of the car?
  5. Have you tested the DVD playing while in motion ? I only got it to work with disconnecting the speed sensor also with grounding the brake switch. I have a 2004 GX and maybe they added a motion sensor.... :o
  6. There are many posts on this actually. Its a BIG problem for the GX's. Lexus corp wont admit anything....really strange. They say they havent even gotten 1 call ? I read 100's of folks here have the problem. Its NOT a kick, its really a vibration(vibrating steering wheel, seat and a noise) really feels like a drivetrain problem. Anyone got this resolved at the dealer ?
  7. You'll need to be in Park and have the emergency brake on. I have a 2004 also. :)
  8. I dont have the kick either. Its just vibration. My local tech says the fix is a intermidiary steering shaft, driveshaft damper and a muffer mod. Heard anything of this ? Lexus still not admitting anything. More wondering if anyone has actually fixed this issue.
  9. Good points on being careful and the new law. I'd say the switch may be a beterr idea then. Still looking for a nav :chairshot: override though.
  10. Was wondering if anyone knows how to override the navigation so data can be entered while in motion ?
  11. I just got the word from the dealer. they say a fix is in the works. cant get Lexus corp to admit there is a problem though....will wait for the fix.
  12. Just got this working tonight !it is failry simple and works well. Now I just need to find out how to override the nav !
  13. :( I am wondering if anyone has had luck getting the vibration problem resolved at the dealer ? They are just telling me that it is a "known" problem and there is no fix right now. I have a call into Lexus corporate.
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