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  1. :D VISIT we posted an entire post on how to MOD the DVD, AND the NAV. They both work perfectly. DO NOT screw with the brake switch. You have to follow the DVD Mod instructions, but use the Switch for the NAV MOD. You want to be able to engage and disengage the speed sensor to the Nav Unit. Then you can enter an address, flip the switch back to the engage position and go about your merry way. READ BOTH Posts carefully!! RF
  2. Had a chip a few days ago. What's up with that?
  3. Is this for the vibration or the kick? I don't have the Kick? ...or do I
  4. Yea, adding destinations, no phone POI available, yep, it all lawsuit driven but I want to have my GX Nav me into Mickey "D's" smash through the drive thru, and have hot coffee spill on me. Now I can sue Lexus and McDcoanld, AND get a Double Cheeseburger while I want for the Ambulance. Then I can sue the Doctors and the Hospital. Oh why, oh why can't I make any decisions in my life... just ask my wife RF
  5. I have the same vibration. Was worse at 50 miles on the Odometer, now have 1100 and I still feel it. It is a power applied issue. The vibration feels like the balance in the center differential is off but it just couldn't be. It feels like it's at the center of the car/truck. The more gradual power applied, the more you feel the vibration. It's all in the 55-75 MPH zone. Lift your foot and it almost completely goes away. I felt it in the Dealer's demo in Greenwich CT. had 1200 miles on it. Now I feel it in mne. NOT happy. A $52K vibrator that needs premium fuel. Where's Larry Flint when you need him? I'm sure he could find the problem... maybe Hef. RF
  6. IF you find out WHO can Mod the NAV in the GX in the NYC area, PLEASE let me know!!
  7. I'd just be happy to have the full Nav Functions. If you're looking to watch 'Gone in 8 Seconds" as your doing 70 down the Highway... that's about as much time as you might actually have. Rob
  8. >>What do you mean you can't change the address for your home? Of course it can be changed... My point was that if I enter the corrected address the Bullseye moves on the road. Now When I get to my home #12 the Nav system wants me to go to #38 before it says "You have arrived at your destination, the Nav is Finsihed blah blah..." So the Nav is still waiting for me to finish getting to my destination, and won't complete the trip. Yes?? (The Nav is assuming there are 40+ homes on my road, when there are 3. Ahhh Why? >>As for disabling the suspension of functions, it can be done but it involves wiring a switch to disable the nav system's speed sensor. You'd have to flip the switch, do the address and flip it back on... And where is this switch installed, and by who, and wouldn't a plug in chip or dealer module be better and available if Lexus allowed you to sign a 57 page waiver of liability absolving them of your own self inflicetd death even the spilling of an ice cream cone while pushing the "ZOOM" button on the screen. Now don't get me wrong. I like the car, I think the Nav is very good, but I'd like to be able to have the ability to do as I please without Corporate and Goverment telling me that the 52K I just spent won't be fully fuctional if you actually intend to use the car while it's in motion. AutoMOBILE?? ;) I have a 2001 Acura 3.5 RL. While many of the addresses are wrong because I have not updated the DVD (in fact, my OWN Road isn't listed) but I can do everything after I release the liability screen. Nes pa' I'll get down off my soap box now. I have had 5 Lex-i?? and I'm back fo a GX but they have to stop treating us like idiots, unless we set out to be the typical CAVEMAN on purpose, or the wife says so! I'm crawling back into my cave.... Thanks for taking the time to listen, I am Humbled!
  9. How sick is it when the Manufacturer disables the entire functionality of the Nav System as soon as you put the gas to the floor? I have an Acura RL with Nav and I can enter an address while I’m driving. I’ve never had even a close call. Even if you agree to the terms on the screen, if you hit the wall, that’s your call. Is there a way to get back the functionality of the system. The voice commands are a Joke, and the address for my “HOME” is wrong, and can’t be corrected. Who designed this POS. I’m and engineer, and can’t figure out why Lexus did what they did, except for legal reasons. If you hit a wall cause’ yer shovin’ a Big Mac in yer face, you gonna sue Mickie D’s? You deserve 6 months of traction! Give me back my NAV!!
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