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  1. If they apply to 1991 LS400, I'm interested...bobby
  2. Well I'm about 1700 dollars poorer than 3 days ago..I took it to a tranny shop and they took it apart and found ALL the seals were hard as plastic instead of flexible and it needed a clutch pak (whatever that is)..Anyway it shifts like new and I would like to thank everyone who replied to my post....Thanks again, Bobby
  3. It happened once before about a month ago but finally shifted to reverse but took about 2-3 minutes. Since then I noticed that once in a while, only in forward gears, I would have to take my foot off pedal to make it upshift. Then finally 2 days ago it just would not go into reverse at all...
  4. It looks nice and red and it reads full at (HOT stamped on stick)
  5. Im back again with yet another problem...When I put my car in reverse today it wouldnt respond. It would drive in all forward gears but nothing in reverse. Anyone else had this happen to their LS400 and how bad do think this is???? Hoping for the best, Bobby
  6. Hi y'all...Another little project arising..Is it possible to replace the window motor without removing the whole mechanism from the door? I havent taken the panel off yet so no idea if it is reachable..I tried but no tutorial on the replacement.. Any help appreciated as usual..Thanks, Bobby (1991 LS400 Drivers side)
  7. I tried pushing the glass up with the help of a friend using the up switch and nothing..on the old posts about this problem, they make mention of resetting the limit switch ? How is this done and where is this seems that every problem anyone has had with this, the window stops about the same distance from being closed...roughly 2 to 3 inches... Bobby
  8. Thanks landar for your quick reply...I tried the switch and watched an interior light and it does dim slightly but I dont hear any click or grinding so the motor is drawing power.. If I have to replace it, is it a major endeavor ? I'll try tonight with a friend helping using the switch and lifting the glass on both sides... Thanks, Bobby
  9. Hi all!! Today when I opened my driver side window it stopped about 2 inches down and then wouldn't go up or down.. Checked the fuses and connections and all OK.. Need help as to how to remove the regulator and motor to replace it...All other windows work just fine..I'm hoping there are a couple of tricks someone might know to make it a little easier...Thanks in advance....Bobby 1991 LS 400
  10. Would you sell just the front seats, separate or as a set ? really need just the drivers side . I have friends who live in Near North coming to Fl;orida in Sept and could bring them down if you still have them....Thanks, Bobby
  11. Im experiencing some serious leaking problems during the Monsoon season here in Florida..dont know if its from the moonroof or its something else...It seems the worst along the sides above the doors but I was thinking that its backing up from the drains, which I cant find such as where does the water that comes in through the wiper panel drain out... I never see any water running out under the front or rear of the car....Ive tried running a garden hose soaking the wiper panel but nothing comes out anywhere....Any suggestions???? Thanks, Bobby
  12. Good Morning All......I have a slight problem with my tranny in the morning. It shifts into R with no problem but when I shift into D after backing out it takes at least a minute to go into gear. I checked the fluid level and its OK... I dont know if it is mechanical or electrical of whatever....Once the car is driven it never happens again until the next morning... Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thanks, Bobby
  13. Thanks Landar, I bought a couple of OEM bolts for UCA and you are right the bolts are long and would interfere with the shocks. Finally going to get around to replacing both sides= its been so hot down here the last 2 months you cant breathe in my garage soooooo, onward to my next project....I just replaced my alternator and P/S pressure hose (leaked badly) and now its charging right I quess, 14.3, but overnight the battery drops down to 10.6.. The battery is about 1 yr old. It NEVER DOES NOT STARTand goes right up to 14.3. Wondering if this is normal or could the battery have been sulfated by the alternator going south.. or do you think this could have anything to do with the dreaded trunk hinge wiring??? Thanks so much for your time....Bobby
  14. Hi all.... Im ready to replace my upper control arm (right side) and read the DIY at and it says I have to remove the shock (strut) to access the control arm. Is this really necessary as it looks very straight forward to me with it still connected, 3 bolts or nuts and its out. Am I right ? Thanks in advance for your replies.... Bobby 91 LS400
  15. Still looking for Driver Seat for 91 LS400 Tan. Just need drivers side but will take both if I have to ! Also need Driver side window switch assy. Thanks, Bobby