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  1. i'm a little confused as to what you mean by "milky" what color is the oil suppose to look? i have an amber color/brown/black color...
  2. yup, that's what i heard, but the probability is so slim because usually the gas isn't concentrated enough
  3. Yeah, I forgot what the problem was, but I think it had something to do with a bolt...... this car has been hell for me o.o but i love it when it works =)
  4. Hey guys, I fixed my car problem(faulty battery - was only putting 3volts out!). Anyways, I noticed something while starting the car...(it's about 20degrees here) but I see a lot of white exhaust from my muffler, was just wondering if this is normal
  5. sometimes it doesn't click, it sort of chirps..... I may have to remove the battery and take it to autozone... do i just remove the little nuts that hold onto the clamp?
  6. hrmm, it's clicking, but my headlight is also very dim
  7. What are the signs that you have a faulty starter? My car is currently dead and I can't jump start it(using one of those battery packs) for the life of me....
  8. the thing that if you unscrew has coolant?
  9. Hey guys, been a while since I've posted, but I got a quick question about jump starting. So, as I just found out, a lot of people have misconceptions about jump starting and the #1 issue I have noticed is that a lot of people(including me!) put the black/negative terminal on the negative terminal of the dead battery. However, fromwhat I have read this is a no-no. So, I have a picture here and was wondering where is a good source to put my negative terminal on for a 92 LS 400?
  10. When you say the unit, what do you mean by that? The boot the slider pin goes into and etc;?
  11. Anyone know where I can get the rubber rings for the slider pins? Or do I need to buy new slider pins all together?
  12. but i want something internal and Im not sure how to connect a DVD without an IDE port lol
  13. Since Im doing the fron left tire... where does the slider pin with the indentions on the rubber go? towards the front of the car or in the rubber housing area closer towards the back of the car? ( i didn't notice a difference between the slider pins and I dont get what is saying)
  14. Hey guys, I'm thinking about building a new computer; however, some of these new motherboards are interesting. Take a look at this board. It has plenty of SATA drives for a HD, but it doesn't have an IDE port for a DVD-RW drive and I'm not sure how I would connect a DVD-RW drive
  15. Ahh.... ok, I decided to do the slider pins myself (sorry for all the questions and constant requestioning). The slider pins were a little sticky, but I just took a towel and sprayed a little wd-40 to remove all that gooey stuff, then let it air dry and reapplied some brake grease. When I went to install it, I pushed both of the pins in as far as possible and pulled the boot over that little elevated area( i hope that's how you isntall it ) and then just tightened the piston assembly back onto the unit.
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