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  1. I was the one who posted the "glue gun" solution in 2006, and 2-1/2 years later, the "cone" in my subwoofer still going good with no buzzing! can't beat 5-cents solution like that ;) ...
  2. yes, I saw that guide before, but it lists 19"/20" wheels only for SC430. thanks anyway.
  3. Hi Guys, will this set of 4 wheels fit my 03 SC430: 2x Front Wheels 18x8 10-Spokes, 5-lug, 4-1/2 Bolt Patter, 45mm Offset, 6-3/8 Back Space 2x Rear Wheels 18x8.5 10-Spokes, 5-lug, 4-1/2 Bolt Patter, 50mm Offset, 6-13/16 Back Space they are replacing the stock "pie plate" wheels with P245/40ZR-18 Continental ContiExtreme on them now. I do want to keep the tires since they are just 5000 miles new. obviously, I also need to know whether the 4 tires can match the 4 new rims. thanks in advance!
  4. I myself was wondering about whether the 95-97 was a interference or non interference engine as it was my understanding prior to now that is was an interference engine. Anyone can be mistaken here, but that certainly does not mean that they're deliberately spreading misinformation. I agree with VMF that condemning and accusing someone of deliberately misleading others is totally uncalled for. If someone is wrong or another is correct, that can be easily established with a distillation of the facts. I've been on enough boards where there's a lot of rancor. What's nice about these boards is that everyone is cordial. I'd like to see it stay that way. havn't visited the forums for a while, and looks like this infamous "NI vs Interference" debate is flaring up again! in short, 2nd Gen 1UZFE (1995~1997 LS400) is definitely an INTERFERENCE engine, don't take chances! almost 2 years ago, we, the old timers, had a very long and heated discussions: member JPI who did lots of 1UZFE engine repairs finally reported that "Valves slight touch the pistons" in a 95 LS400 engine he was working on at that time: well, IMHO, no matter how slightly it can be, as long as pistons can contact valves, it still can cause great damages, and no way it can be called "non-interference". also, the service manual for my 97 LS400 does have this exact warning "piston head and valve head can make contact" if crank pulley is not turned before removing timing belt. thus, it's pretty convincing to me that it's an interference engine and we must take cautions accordingly.
  5. type T-IV is to replace type T-I/II/III (discontinued) and it's backward compatible to all older generations.
  6. we had a long discussion regarding "red vs green coolant" back in 2004: despite all coolant are ethylene glycol based, the main difference is the corrosion inhibitors added. regular green coolant use phosphate/silicates additives vs Toyota stock red coolant uses organic acid technology (OAT) additives. you really shouldn't mix them when topping off coolant because phosphate and OAT will cancel out with each other and leaves you no corrosion protection. you can change coolant between red and green after 100% flush, but you just don't mix them.
  7. info/pictures on 2008 SC430 Pebble Beach Edition:
  8. I recall mine was that the needle would rise only to 1/3 even tank was full. didnt pay attention to low-fuel light... changing capacitors is very inexpensive, and relatively easy to do. was it me, I would do that first since we know very well that those capacitors are definitely going to fail over time, if not failed already.
  9. well, gas gauge failure due to defective C142/C147 electrolytic capacitors on circuit board behind instrument cluster is very common on 1st gen LS400. I fixed mine on the 94 LS400 I used to own few years back. instruction as below:
  10. 98 LS4 engine is VVT-i which is definitely an "interferenced" engine ==> broken timing belt = bent valves = BIG $$$$ if tb was not replaced yet at 134k, you are really pushing your luck!
  11. congrat! nothing in whole world is more important than a happy wife! :D comes spring, wife is going to get a red SC430 for which she has been longing quite a while.... B)
  12. few years ago, I had my mech done just that on a 94 LS400 I used to own. if you purchase the "straight" conversion kit such as the one from Strutmasters', and follow Lextreme's tutorial: it shouldn't be too hard to DIY, and no modifications required. I recall the most difficult thing my mech had to do was to remove the back seat in order to get to the rear pair of struts. other than that, the job was pretty straigt forward.
  13. just recently, I swapped all 4 tires/rims between my 97 LS4 (225/R16/60) and 96 SC4 (225/R16/55). both cars had no issues at all.
  14. your good advices to your younger peers deserve a giant size thumb up! guess what my 10-year son got from his old man on his 10th birthday last month? other than a shinny nintendo DS, he also receive a $5K ROTH IRA in his own name. yes, Roth for a 10-year-old! don't ever under-estimate the power of acummulating saving for retirement! $5K today can turn into over half a million wealth when he retires at 65 wihtout even adding a dime in next 55 years: I could write a $65K check for a spanking new LS460 without breaking a sweat and no stupid car loan needed either. but why I would want to do such foolish thing? I'm perfect fine with the 02 LS430 I just picked up from eBay! it looks new, feel new, and it drives like new, make folks turning head like new, yet someone over Texas paid the 1st $30K for me! can't really beat that! AND guess what? if I had given my sons the $30K saving from not buying a brand new LS460, he is going to have 3.4 million dollars in his Roth account at age 65! and best of all, the 3.4mil is entirely tax free! can't never be too early to plan your retirement!
  15. Bill Gates' old 90 LS400 for sale on eBay: if a LS400 was good enough for Bill Gates, who prolly is rich enough to buy entire Lexus division from Toyota, a LS430 is definitely good enough for all of us!
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