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  1. I just received news that the IS-F will be at SEMA on the Proving Grounds!! I get 15 minutes to see what it's all about.. come on October 31st!!! can't wait! If anyboy else is attending the show this year be sure to register your time to try it out!!
  2. i failed to mention that one too.. It did great cleaning the rest of the seat just not the stain. I will say that I cleaned the whole leather interior with lexor ph and conditioner and the leather feels great.
  3. an update: lexol cleaner did not work woolite did not work normal soap did not work figernail polish remover did not work hairspray did not work fine steel wool... i know i know.. did not work. degreaser did not work lesson learned. no black belts on sterling interior p.s. i used the harsh stuff in a very small amt and area.
  4. Hello, I am Toby from Cincinnati. I am a International Purchasing Manager for a large aftermarket/performance parts supplier. I drive my personal 06 IS250, as well as an 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee We have in our business fleet: 05 SC430 06 LS430 06 RX400h 06 GS300awd Unfortunately I do not get to own these vehicles but have the PRIVILEDGE to enjoy them.... every so often..
  5. I have the light grey interior in my 06. My black belt has made a bluish/black line in the lumbar area of my seat. Any ideas on how to bring it out??
  6. Cincinnati, Ohio... premium this morning 2.79 gal. I get 27 miles per gallon each tank.
  7. Just had one put on a blue onyx pearl. Took the guy 6 hours to put on. Do not attempt to put the kit on yourself. The guy that installed mine had been factory trained, performing these bras for 3 years and still had issues with it. Cost was 650.00 in Cincinnati. I do not care for it, but need to have it. Next car will not be driven from the lot without it.
  8. Steviej You do sound kind of anal, the guy was just helping. FYI you may want to tone your message down a bit. There are political means of communicating with others without sound above another. I am embarassed for the guy..... come on now what the "of course you will" in your message all about??
  9. If you ever notice that the turning radius on this car is very small. What you may be hearing is the tire rubbing against the road surface. The profile of the tire does not help either. There is very minimal sidewal/air to absorb noise. I too have the 18in wheel pkg. I'll keep an ear out also.
  10. Can you tell us what kind of deal you could give us on the tool??
  11. I will be installing a set of HID lights in my IS. I know that there is a part of the installation which requires drilling through the access cover. I have a question for those that have installed the kits if there has been any trace of condensation in the light after install? Did you seal it well with RTV? and what other precautions I should be aware of. I also have a question on how many of you realigned your headlamps after you installed the kit.
  12. My dog listens better than my kinds, sometimes I like her better....... She also doesn't talk!! I understand the guy.....
  13. I am a large supplier of Pilkington, PPG, and Safelite glass. As to where Pilkington glass is used in BMW OEM it is not the same as what I sell in the aftermarket. Pilkington has two different specs, OEM and A/M. As a dealer of Plikington I have never had a claim about distortion, Pilkington is a very good manufacturer of A/M glass. I would take back to the dealer and let them replace the Pilkington glass. If are still not satisfied get the OEM glass ordered. I have heard that the OEM glass costs nearly $1,000 USD though!!
  14. Bartkat, Any idea on the filter cartridge removal tool? I guess the part # is 09228-06501 and the cost from OTC is $28.81, seems kind of steep. The dealer just called and they want 39.95 for it!!
  15. Any of you out there that have installed a/m HID systems know if there are any headlight aiming necessary after the install?? Heck, as I look at this light it looks preset with no adjustment available..
  16. 5000k is bright white, 6000k has a slight blue tint, 8000k is blue etc etc. From what I have found each manufacturer has a slightly different hue to their light. Best thing to do is find a brand you like and visit their website usually you'll find a picture legend with the color vs. kelvin temp.
  17. please update how the install goes. I too will be installing a set of HID lights I am ordering on my next container of parts from overseas. I would like to know how your install goes.
  18. the third brakelight pops right out of the deck, the tinter had to do my back window twice because he did not realize that it poped out... just fyi. BTW in your pictures, do you have the clear bra already installed?? if so I cannot even see it.. I will also be having a clear bra installed. I will never do without one. My next car will not leave until one is installed. Smart choice.
  19. look in the back of your owners manual, i think it is a 9006, or 9004. anyway, it is listed there.
  20. high and lows take different bulbs, high beam will not be hid unless you make it hid conversioned too.
  21. I added a short ram, makes lots of noise..... no real apparent gain. Save your money and open the exhaust first
  22. mine did it for a few weeks after I bought it, seemed to have gone away though. I know what you are referring to.
  23. Allen, I have the same exact set up. I think the tire is rather quiet. Is this your first time on low profile 18"?? There is not much sidewall there to absorb road noise....... keep the pressure up (35 front) (38 back) to keep from bending wheels on potholes.
  24. LAMBOBABY, FYI, a regular bra will scratch your paint if not careful, that is just as bad as rock chips. The bra will actually wear the paint right off. This is another enlighting fact about paint repairing. My son's friend ran his bike down the front fender deep enough to need the fender repainted professionally. The estimate is $1,200.00. I'll gladly clear bra the front for $650 than pay 2k to paint the front end in 18 months.