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  1. I really like the color. It's inviting and I think it makes the interior look more spacious. But am I going to dread having to keep it clean? What's your experience with it? Do you have an anxiety attack every time it rains or snows? Can anybody suggest any tips for keeping it clean? I'm still trying to choose by the way.
  2. Contratulations! I'm thinking about getting breakwater blue. I like it, but my buddy said it looks feminine to him (I'm a guy). How do you and others like the color?
  3. Still deciding which to buy. The power of the 350 is very seductive, but the EPA fuel economy numbers for the IS250 Auto/RWD are hard to ignore. So of course I'm wondering just how much better the IS250 fuel economy is in actual practice? EPA estimates aren't very accurate, so I was hoping that some of you in this forum could share your mileage to compare both models in the real-world. It would also help to know: - How many miles on your car. - Transmission type (if manual) - Chassis type (if AWD) - Style of driving (granny, sedate, average, spirited, hot rod) - Percentage of city
  4. Interesting observation about the cashmere interior looking too "busy". In fact, although I really like the color itself, I don't think it harmonizes quite as well with the other elements of the interior - particularly the silver/aluminum colored touches - as the grey or black interior does. Somehow the aluminum trim looks a bit out of place next to the tan leather. In fact, I'd be happy if car makers did away with the cheap plasticky looking brushed-aluminum (cheap plastic actually) trim in car interiors forever more, but sadly it seems to be an essential "styling" element these days.
  5. Red on black is another classic combination, and I love the matador red. But cars get pretty hot here in sunny san diego, and I worry about the heat buildup in a darker car. The other day I sat for a while in two IS350's at the dealer, one dark blue , the other one silver, and the dark blue car felt noticeably hotter inside, even with the cashmere interior. More than half the cars driving around here are silver or white (because of the sunny weather I guess). But I'm hoping to avoid those colors in the interest of having something a little more original. That's why the breakwater blue and
  6. I'm seriously thinking about the breakwater blue because it looked great in a couple of photos I saw and it is not an ordinary color - like the matador red - which I think is fitting for this unique car. But I haven't seen one in breakwater blue yet, even after several visits to the dealer. How do you like it? Have any pictures? By the way, I was also contemplating whether I could get black floormats for the champagne interior. You're probably not the first to ask.
  7. I'm at the - "OK I'm gonna buy one, now what color should I get?" - stage, and I'd like to know what color YOU chose and why? And how happy are you with it? Here are some thoughts so far: Black & tan is a classic combination but good luck keeping it clean. And the matador red or desert sage with tan interior will make you feel rich - in an exotic car kind of way. I think that an extraordinary car deserves an extraordinary color, but I don't want to become a slave to my "cashmere" carpet! Granted, the grey leather looks kind of ordinary, but at least that interior will look pretty
  8. Black & Tan is a beautiful and classic combination. Also I think the matador red with tan interior will make you feel rich - in an exotic car kind of way. Good luck keeping them clean though.
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