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  1. Yes, and its all together WAY nicer. I was betweem both cars, and the NAV alone made my decision. My wife has the 2006 IS250, can she pay the dealer to install the new voice nav in her car? any guesses at how much this mod might cost? thanks
  2. Just like all cars but Lexus decide to hide the key hole. I forgot to mention to others that the key hole is on the bottom. I don't really know why you can't get it in the hole. I tried this on the trunk and yes it worked, but still cant manage to get the front door key hole to take my key. I looked at it much more and it didnt looked the same as the hole in the trunk, where as the trunk has the normal metal hole for the keys but the front just all plastic and seems to be just a hole and not a key hole. I'll prob go to my dealer when i get the free time so maybe they could explain to m
  3. that's OK, I really like the console just the way it is if the wife wants nav she will have to have a suction cup like the rest of us thanks
  4. If i had 1000-1500 to use to buy a aftermarket Navi, i would either wait and save a few hundred more or try and make a better deal to get the stock Navi. In my opinion, nothing beats a stock installed Navi. Well, all of that sounds good but we already own the car. Can they switch out our standard console for the nav version? Too bad I wasn't there when my wife bought the car maybe I could have convinced her to go with the nav version! But I can't complain having a frugal wife!
  5. Just curious about Magellan systems that you mount or something to the dash. Are there cords running from the machine and how does it get its power We are interested in getting a nav for the IS250 but are not sure about which way to go, portable or mounted or suction cup pictures would also be great thanks
  6. Well my wife hasn't let me pry anything off of her new car yet but I will keep that trick in mind...I have a good feeling that it won't work since Lexus seems to have gone out of its way to not allow anyone to lock the keys in the car with the car running on all other accounts but if someone knows for sure that this works, please let me know so I know for sure thanks!
  7. New owner of IS, how do you clean that suede/soft cotton interior stuff that is all over walls and ceiling? That stuff picks up all sorts of finger prints and I have tried to clean similiar materials before and it just smudged.
  8. Hello all, I am a brand new owner of a Lexus, or my wife is at least. Thus far I have been very impressed with the Lexus organization! We bought a 2006 IS250 My question is if there is any way that we can lock the car while the engine is running? We travel with our dog and when we stop to eat or shop we like to leave him in the car with the AC on. Thus far in all of my reading of the manual and talking to one service guy I have not come up with a way to achieve my goal. Does anyone know of any options I have or other ways around the problem? Could I find a computer wiz and reprogram any
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