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  1. The oil filter is not self contained in a can like most. It's an element that goes into a housing attached to the engine. If you look straight down at the front of the engine, at the bottom you should see a silver cannister. That's the filter housing. You take the cap off the housing and change the filter and O ring and put the cap back on. I'd suggest you go to and get genuine Toyota filters, cost about $5 each with the O ring included. There's a DIY on oil and filter change here: Thanks, bartkat. You know my jaw drooped like a yokel when I saw it was a cartridge filter....
  2. Hey, all. I've an IS 250 with about 700 miles on it and plan to change the oil in the next 300-500 miles. Redline 10W-30. Anyone know what oil filters to use? I found 1 ref to a Purolator L25609, but that's it so far. I'd actually like a Purolator Plus or another "premium" filter. While I'm on the subject - is the filter hard to find? I haven't looked yet. The RX 330 I had leased before had the filter hidden out of sight up under a cooler shroud. Looked for 30 minutes all over/under that car and could NOT find it. Had to search the web to find where it was. BTW - I'm a gear head according to the GF. My fun car is a '73 TR6, and the gas tank is out curing after a slushing. The POR-15 stuff will wear off my hands in a few days.... BB