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  1. Your basic warranty is 50,000 miles or four years from your car's inservice date. The powertrain warranty is 70,000 miles or 6 years. The engine portion of the powertrain warranty covers "Cylinder block and head and all internal parts, timing belt and cover, flywheel, oil pan, water pump, fuel pump, engine mounts, engine control computer, seals and gaskets" So, if yours is a valve problem, it should be covered under the longer powertrain warranty. Sorry. I meant after the four year warranty period ended. Regardless, even if it is another engine problem that is covered under warranty,
  2. Interesting. I also had some sort of manufacturer related issue, where I noticed this type of shuddering, and the sales rep originally told me it was the ethanol in the gas build up that was causing soot on the valves and they wanted to charge me like 250+ for an engine flush. I was like no thanks because I had already done my 30K major service there and it seemed like they were trying to milk me for some more money. I then called corporate Lexus and complained like hell to them. Next thing I know, I received a call from the same service people and they told me their was some sort of manuf
  3. Hello, Today I had the Check VSC light come on form my 2006 IS250 so I took the dealer. The service consultant told me that it was diagnosed, but the machine basically tasked it to stop or something like that. Since Lexus wasn't available to be contacted on the weekend, he told me it would have to be diagnosed on Monday. Regardless, the reasoning that was given was the car was "running too rich". Now, he really couldn't explain that too me, which is disconcerting because one of the reasons I bought Lexus was because it's supposed to be the most reliable car in the industry, and I've alrea
  4. I've decided not to go with it. Trusting my gut as well getting a vibe as a preventive maintenance thing from the service person, although he threw out some 50-60% numbers which I didn't get, and of course what you said here. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.
  5. No, I never felt any problems at all accelerating that I've noticed. I haven't had any engine lights come on or any other problems. I just decided to take it into 30K service as the time was right. I use premium gas every time I fill up and synthetic oil changes every 5K miles, and I don't tend to accelerate or decelerate quickly (I tend to do more highway driving than city driving), so I don't understand why it would happen so quickly.
  6. I am having my 30K service done on my 2006 Lexus IS250 AWD, and I got a call telling me that I have carbon build-up in the fuel system. They said it will cost be another $225 to get it cleaned. The car is only 2.5 years old and I've used premium gas in it every time. Is this something I should do?
  7. Hello, I was driving just recently from lunch back to the office and I noticed this sound that increases in frequency when driving. It's kind of a low duh-duh-duh that increases in frequency as the speed of the vehicle increases. It seems to be coming from the left side of the vehicle, and I have no engine lights on or anything that would suggest some problem from it, but something maybe from the wheel or suspension, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have a clue as to what it might be? Thanks.
  8. Hello, Does anyone know any good service centers in Maryland that aren't dealerships? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I took my Lexus IS250 into a a body shop to get its rear bumper fixed after I was rearended. About four days later, I noticed that underneath the driver's side side skirt, there was something hanging underneath. So, I looked under the vehicle and saw what appeared to be a broken plastic clip like thing hanging from some foam. This piece appears to be part of the side skirt and unfortunately, I don't know excatly what it's purpose is. There appears to be two of the same types of clip looking things on each side skirt about the same distance from the front and back tires. The other
  10. I'm not really sure how bad it looks, but I had a similar situation in that I had to decide whether to repaint or not, except mine was a bigger repaint job because of where it occured. I had taken my car into an establishment to get something installed on the vehicle. When whatever was done was installed, the guy pointed out that there was some strange mark on the car. Well, it happened to be a circular area about 8 inches in diameter on the left hood of the car that was a little darker than the rest of the paint on the hood. Though it was barely visible (no one would have noticed it unles
  11. Hi, I have a relatively new 2006 IS 250 (6 months old) that was rearended this morning and has suffered some minor bumper damage. I'm not sure if there is a whole lot of structural damage to the entire bumper itslef, but there are a few hairline cracks and the area of impact seems to be a tiny bit indented (2 mm) with some small marks from the impacting vehicles license plate cover as well. What I'm wondering is does this situation require that the entire bumper be replaced, or is there some sort of bumper cover that can be replaced, or will they have to do some sort of molding and crack re
  12. Hi, Do any of you guys know of places that sell car bras for the Lexus IS 250 2006. I've been searching around and my local dealers don't seem to have it (VA). If any of you know of third party providers, please post them. Thanks.
  13. I got 1900 off of MSRP for a 250 AWD with Nav, but a friend who used to sell cars helped me out.
  14. Ok, I just tried burning a new CD, but this time when I wrote the CDs (using Microsoft Explorer) I created data CDs with HighMat checked. Some of the mp3s on the disk were converted to WMA files. This seemed to resolve the issue (for anyone who has future issues), but I'm not sure if it was because I just burned a new CD, or because of the HighMat check and the conversion of some mp3s to WMAs. Thanks for the replies.
  15. I made a CD with my songs… 99% are WMA files…. What I have found is… when you first click on the CD… it shows all the folders…. But once you start playing… you can only switch the folders by the up and down button on the screen… The “Folder” icon is blacked out… just a minor annoyance… I’m still smiling from driving this car….. :) Well, the problem isn't switching of folders. The problem is seeing more than one folder. On the CD I have multiple folders, but the only I see is the first one I wrote to the CD in the NAV. What am I missing, or is my NAV broke?
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