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  1. i think i know the noise you mean - sounds like a mix between pigeons and sort of water gugrling coming from the middle air vent area... i don't think it's anything serious, mine does it randomly while accelerating very slowly. it always goes away and seem to only happen within the first mile or so of driving
  2. when i first bought this car i got quoted @ $600 / mo. from geico, state farm, and progressive, when i actually applied at geico they gave me $190 / mo. so apparently quotes can be enourmously inaccurate until they actually run credit checks, accident history, ect. my record is not perfect but close to it - just a 3am right on red and a speeding ticket :cries:
  3. if you remember the name can you post it here? I will try a thorough cleaning...
  4. Every time that damn traction control kicks in I get scared because for a split second I think my car is dead.
  5. I got a quote for the aftermarket glass from a private contractor, it is $550 - this is not too far off the Pilkington price so I'm not sure why they would waste their time over $250 and just do the job right in the first place. After driving with this Pilkington glass I am totally convinced that the quality is just not as good as the OEM. I even visited a Lexus dealer just to look through the OEM glass. With the Pilk, everything is slightly distorted and the rain smears. Not to say anything bad for Pilkington - it is excellent quality for the price, but just doesn't cut it compared to the Le
  6. Thanks for the reply, it is good to know i'm not the only one who has had to deal with this. After driving around with this Pilkington for a few days I am now positive I am not just being picky, this windshield is definitely not the same quality as the OEM. I would actually rather have the scratched Lexus one back. I noticed that this windshield distorts the light, like a pair of cheap sunglasses compared to oakleys. The difference is subtle, but once you have gotten used to the real thing it is quite noticable. Does anyone know if it is possible for a non Lexus dealer to aquire an OEM winds
  7. No, it was from a large dealership in my area. I hadn't planned on buying a lexus or I would have gone to a lexus dealer. I just needed a car and instantly fell in love with the IS300, so I bought it kinda quick. This is my first car so the whole process was a bit overwhelming, I just assumed I was in good hands as long as I wasn't buying from ebay. The car was otherwise in near perfect condition and low mileage compared to other cars from that year. Anyway, I guess my question is, has anyone every heard of "Pilkington Glass"? Is this notoriously cheap glass, or am I just being a jerk about t
  8. Before you go on a long trip, fill up your car all the way and note the odometer. Stop filling at the click. Then when you fil up again, note the odometer, fill it up to the click, and note the number of gallons you put in. (odometer2 - odometer1) / gallons = true MPG I know this is totally simple and obvious, but it will let you know if its your car or the electronics.
  9. I bought a used lexus with a long scratch in the windsheild which the dealer agreed to replace. I drove the car for about a month before it was replaced, so I was fairly used to the original. The new windsheild, however, does not repel water whatsoever, does not say Lexus on it, and just seems harder to look through. I would much rather have the scratched Lexus windsheild back. Did they go cheap on this, or is there some coating that lexus uses for their windsheilds that I could simply apply myself? Is glass glass? Am I just imagining all of this because it doesn't say Lexus on it?? The new
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