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  1. This is a little off topic, but I was wondering what kit did you guys purchased? Xenon depot or from where? How is the light output? Any glares? Any adjustment required? I was planning to put in HIDs for my car too. Thanks everyone!
  2. The filter I buy at Lexus is only $9.00. This includes the filter insert and an 'O' ring.
  3. Has anyone noticed if their IS350 has a little shake once awhile at the stop light or something? If you have your engine on D at a stop light for example, you may feel a very little subtle "jerk" or "shake" once awhile. It is very subtle, so you may have to pay attention to it. Is there anything wrong with my transmission? or is my engine miss firing sometime?
  4. I have an IS350, and the engine sounds like a diesel engine. It has two noises. One is a "knocky" noise and the other is a "clicky" noise. I think the "clicky" noise is the solenoid, but what about the "knocky" noise? I use premium gas, so it can't be the gas. It sure doesn't sound like a G35 or BMW 330. Is this normal for IS350? Thanks.
  5. I have an IS350 without the memory seat setting so I have to pull the lever thing to adjust my steering wheel. When I start my car, I hear a little motor like noise that's doing something to the steering wheel, but I don't see it. Does anybody know what is it is doing? Unlocking the steering wheel???? Thanks!!
  6. Does anybody who has an IS350 or IS250 has a rattling noise when they first start up the car for about 3-4 seconds? It sounds like it's from somewhere deep inside the dash board on the driver side or somewhere around there in the engine compartment. It's hard to tell. I have to close my door, turn off the radio, and roll up the window to hear this.
  7. Yeah. That's what I think too, but I wasn't too sure if it happens to my car only or other cars too. I was going to go out to the dealer to test drive another car to see if it made the same noise. :) Thanks.
  8. Yeah, I'm interested as well. I've heard of conversion kits for H11 bulbs, but I wasn't sure how the ballasts and the all that stuff should best be placed. Holes needed? I've heard some doesn't require any drilling. Can the ballasts be where it could get wet because it could get wet in the engine bay? What brand is good? Want to do it to my IS350, but I don't want to risk any damage or problems. Thanks!
  9. I have a IS350 with the premium package with the 18" rims. When I make tight turns or make a u-turn, I hear and kind of feel a grinding noise in the front. It sounds like the road or something grainy. Is this normal? Has anybody experienced this? Thank you very much.