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  1. Just bought a 2014 RX350 with technology option and paired it with my Blackberry Torch. Everything worked great including ability to view email messages via Bluetooth on the dash display screen. I just changed from the Blackberry to an iPhone5 and now after successful pairing of the iPhone I am unable to view the email messages off the phone. The 'Messages' control bar in the phone settings menu no longer appears as it did before with the Blackberry. I've tried everything and will call the dealer but does anybody know what causes this?
  2. My 3 month Sirius XM subscription has expired and when I try to renew on the Sirius XM website is asking for a radio ESN number. Does anybody know wher this ESN can be found on my 2010 RX350 ?
  3. I've set up my Palm Treo Pro with the Bluetooth pairing instructions and the hands free phone works great with no complaints. But no matter what I try I can not get the MP3 music files that are stored in my phone to play on the BT audio system. Is any body else having Bluetooth music issues ?
  4. I don't have this particular model, but like most European cars, it's an ambient light that usually covers around the area where most automatic shifters are located Thanks, I just checked and noticed that the light is situated directly above the coffee cup holders/nav. mouse area. I'll check it tonight and see if the shifter area is illuminated.
  5. Thanks to this forum I now know that the overhead controls in my new 2010 RX350 are not illuminated but when I fumble up there at nightime to use the Homelink buttons I noticed that there is a small white light situated in the centre of the microphone slots to the rear of the home link buttons. It shines down on my hand when I'm using the homelink buttons. I dont see it in the manual, does any one know what this light is for ?
  6. Just bought my 2010 RX350 a couple of weeks ago. I see that most switches and controls are illuminated at night time except the overhead controls for the moon roof, homelink and interior light buttons. I end up fumbling for the right switch in the dark because they are not illuminated. Does anyone know if they are supposed to be lit ?