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Should I junk my Lexus LS400- 1994 ?

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So i keep on having issues with my LS. It runs fine.BUT last week- the gas started leaking underneath the back tire. Mechanics are saying don't drive it until i get it towed to them. One will look at that without charging me if i get it towed. The AC doesn't work (its hot here in LA Valley). The power steering pump + steering rack need to be replaced...was quoted 2000 for that, plus 125 just to look at the AC in which it could be a freon leak.would you just junk the car and get something else used for about 10K ? I love this car . anything else i'd say yeah, sell it for junk/parts... I'm also WFH and don't drive much other then to see family or drs appts..or to get out of the house so i'm not sure its worth it getting another car.I have an appt tuesday with a mechanic if i do decide to tow the car to them....arghoh yah she's low mileage too- at 156K.

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To put it in perspective, it sounds like the 27 year old vehicle that carries you to doctor visits is in need of some doctor visits. 

It really comes down to making a steady monthly payment or the occasional "SURPRISE" $2000 repair. That and do you still like the car enough to put up with all the hassle. 

Some would say "stick with the devil you know". Me? I used to buy all Fords because I knew what broke on them. So I'd probably keep that old LS 400 if I did not have to commute every day. 

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Your car had a lot of potential high dollar issues that need attention. If you can diy those issues I might say stick with it but for the money you might have to spend I say get rid of it and find another reliable car that you don't have to constantly worry about.

AC might be your biggest issue. Definitely don't drive with fuel leaking. Shops will have a field day after diagnosing all the problems. It's ok to stick with the devil you know as long as the repair is reasonable. There comes a time when you just have to move on though.

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The old saying goes: "If the repair bill is equal to or greater than half the value of the car, it's time to put it to rest."

You can get an excellent car for $10,000 that will last you more than 10 years if you select one that was both well-maintained and was considered to be a reliable car by Consumer Reports.

After doing so you will most likely say to yourself, "Why didn't I do this, years ago!"

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