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  1. At this point, it looks like the only logical path forward is to buy the JDM imported transmission for $450 and spend $400 labor to put it in. The mechanic I am working with is not willing to drop the pan and check if it is really the transmission is bad or not. I was at the shop when I watched them clean out the cooling lines according to a suggested reply by a board member. The shifting is a little better (at lower gear) but still pretty much the same. The RPM went up to above 3000 RPM and she moves very slowly. The mechanic kept saying it is a bad transmission. Not sure if asking him to rep
  2. There is no check engine light on so I could not get the error code. I replaced the 2 speed sensors with part number 89411-50010, with genuine Lexus parts. The problem seemed to be getting worst. At low gears, the RPM spiked up to 3000, say from 1st to 2nd, after the speed reached 20 MPH, the RPM would drops to normal. At higher speeds, say 30 to 40 MPH, the RPM is at normal levels. At every stop light, I have to turn on the hazard light to warn the drivers behind me that I am having some kind of issues. And the smell, after turning the engine off, it smell like something is burning even after
  3. Hello all. It has been a while since I posted here. The car has been very good until now. Two years ago, I had to replace the ECM with a rebuilt one, in order to pass state inspection. Recently, the shifting has been problematic. At lower gear, the RPM spikes up to 3500 RPM, at 20 mph and it seems that the car actually slows down to shift to a higher gear, my guess is from 2nd gear to 3rd gear. I contacted the guy who sold me the ECM and he sent me a newer rebuilt one. I just put it in yesterday. The fluctuation in the RPM started even at a lower speed on the newer ECM, at 10 mph. Then today,
  4. The question I have is: After someone rebuilds the ECU or I have a rebuilt ECU put in, do I need to have the reprogramming done by the Lexus dealer or another professional mechanic? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello all. I have a check engine light came on. So I found out the code from Autozone and bought a Denso bank 1, sensor 2 and had it put in. Three hours later, the light came back on and found out it is the same error code plus either bad battery or ECM. Battery is new since Jan so it could be the bad ECM. The smell of the car after driving a while is the same as before, nasty smell when I step out of the car. The car is 1996 LS400 with 178800 miles. Not looking to keep the car for a long time. In fact, I have another car to use while I get this issue fix and then I will sell it. So
  6. Is ECU Togo in Houston still in operation? I am in Houston and is trying to get my ECM/ ECU repaired. Car: 1996 LS400 Mileage: 178800 Symtom: Bad bank 1 sensor 2 O2 sensor, replaced and check engine light comes on after 3 hours of driving. Same error code plus error message about bad battery or ECM. Battery is new since Jan 2018 so it could be the ECM. Any suggestions? Do I replace the ECM with a junk yard ECM or repair the current one. The problem is getting someone local to do the diagnostic on the ECM. ECU Togo in Houston would be a good match. I am willing to pay the di
  7. Was busy getting a house ready on the market. Just now getting back to check. Update: I have taken to a different mechanic who checked the fluid level, to drain and fill the ATF twice so far (3 quarts to drain and fill.) Since then, the delay in shift during cold only happened one more time. I am going to drain and fill in ATF one more time and keep the car until it dies. I wonder how many more times do I need to drain and fill before the fluid is all Type IV ATF? Any idea?
  8. By the way, I took it to another mechanic and they checked out the fluid level. It is pretty full to the required level. Also my friend who buys car from auctions test drove and told me there is no problem. The delayed in shift from reverse to first only happened when the car is cold. Any comments welcome. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello all. I have 1996 LS400 that is in good condition. I drain the transmission fluid every other year, like less than 30,000 miles interval. In the very last transmission fluid change, I notice the car is sluggish first fro 1st to 2nd gear. Then last week, the car is not moving after I shifted from reverse to drive; it delayed like few seconds. It has happened three times last week, only in the morning or coming back from work, when the car is cold. Is this a sign my transmission is bad? My thought is the last mechanic (not my regular) used the wrong fluid, like Dextron III. Any suggestions?
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