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  1. I just recently purchased exhaust cutouts for my LS 460 from a company called PYPES EXHAUST. It's like having a beauty and beast duo with a switch. The product, resonator delete and install cost me around $770.
  2. Since the beginning of ownership, 4 months ago, my Lexus has been showing lights on the dash for: VSC, have checked by dealer Check engine Traction control off I would scan my car with your normal scan tool and it would read "camshaft position A actuator circuit". I ended up replacing both the sensor and solenoid on bank A. Neither of those things fixed the issue. $700 later, I replaced the timing control motor. More power, no lights and no issues. Passed inspection.
  3. Dude, why isn't that truck in America? I'd love to see and drive one. And are indicator relays less expensive than resistors?
  4. I dont know how to delete the above broken links to videos, but here are the new links to the new channel: REAR BRIGHTNESS COMPARISON: FRONT: REAR COLOR COMPARISON:
  5. Im looking up Mitsubishi L200 right now. I'm glad I could help someone. I was looking around online for a while on a video on how to change all bulbs, and couldn't find one. After hours of installing, cuts and scrapes, I remembered that. Now I have to go back and make tutorials to help our Lexus community. **I'm working on changing the links because I took videos to the correct youtube channel.
  6. These are videos I made to demonstrate my LED front and rear turn signal replacement bulbs by Alla Lighting. It took me around 1.5 hours for the front and .5 hours for the rear. The rear turn signal video is a showdown between two brands.
  7. Solutions based on research and personal experience(bullet #2): •There is a switch in the glove box that could've been accidentally pushed to deactivate trunk access •Removing negative battery terminal and replacing makes trunk lock indefinitely about two days later. To get it open, remove negative battery terminal for 30 seconds. Replace the terminal. Push either button to make sure it works. If it does, leave the trunk open, and manually close it. Manually closing it resets...something. business as usual •You will have to dish out $500-$600 for a motor/trunk latch system
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