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  1. Ad it keeps on coming, car at Lexus dealership. Needs a new radiator

  2. James, not complaining about the prices, not expecting the manufacturer to assume liability forever, but this is not my first rodeo, I have owned toyotas since 1983 when I purchased my dream car a 1979 Celica a 474 brown hatchback, from there I went to the 1984 Supra,1984 Camry, 1990 Camry, 1987 Truck, 1991 Tercel, 1991 Corolla, 2002 Camry, 2006 Camry, 1993 4Runner, 1996 Camry, 1996 4runner, 2001 Rav4, 2002 Tacoma, 2001 Avalon, 2007Tundra you name it I had my share of Toyotas, but I never had something like this go bad in any car I have owned and you dont go out and pay over $90,000.00 for
  3. Found to be bad in my car, dealer wants $5,130.00 to fix, known problem and Lexus is not helping. to make it worst they also found the water pump leaking the car has over 80k miles. a world class dissapointment from Lexus. what is sad is that I also own an IS300 and IS250 which are the reason I purchased my supposed to be dream car. not living up to it.
  4. 2008 LS460L WITH FRONT LOWER CONTROL AR BUSHINGS GOING BAD, $5,130.00 TO FIX IT, welcome to GM, Ford and Chrysler quality from Lexus, also a leaking water pump on my car, a world class disapointment!!

  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums LS460LGA :)

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