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  1. I recently had to buy a replacement part. I checked online for the part number and prices at to make sure I was getting the correct part--and second, to have an idea about what the MSRP was. My local dealer, Rockville Lexus (Rockville, MD) offered to sell me the part for $65 OVER MSRP. You read it correctly--sixty-five dollars over MSRP. I wrote a letter to the company president. I never heard back from him, either. Maybe I'm old-fashioned in expecting a letter--US Postal type--to be responded to within 30 days, but...I don't think so. I hope not all Lexus dealers
  2. On Costco--my favorite place to shop in the whole world--they do not list the correct tire size for my car! They show the size as 17", but that's incorrect, the size is 18" and a slightly different aspect ratio. So no matter what, currently it can't get "new shoes" there.
  3. I've been to TireRack. Only trouble is, I don't know which tires are good/better/best. Guess I'll have to go back and do some more reading. Thanks for your time, it is appreciated.
  4. Allow me to open the can of worms known as tires. I live in the DC area and need to replace my OEM Bridgestones--on 18" wheels/RX 450h--soon. I'm looking for a longer-lasting, comfortable riding tire that is all season and will have a tread wear warranty of at least 60K. Good wet weather braking would be a plus. I don't need tires rated over 120 mph--I doubt that this vehicle could go that fast. I won't be carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer. The less money they cost, the better, though I realize I'll have to spend over $100 per tire. Suggestions would be appreciated
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