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  1. I would like to replace the worn out floor mats on my 2008 Lexus IS F. What brand should I go for?
  2. I need to buy a cellphone mount soon!
  3. It is possible that you just need your battery leads and connectors cleaned and tightened.
  4. I recommend the Thule Hitch Bike Carrier.
  5. It's definitely the wheel bearing. Same thing happened to me a few months back.
  6. Congrats on your new ride. It seems like it needs a lot of work though.
  7. I am planning to purchase a Cold Air Intake for my 2008 Lexus IS F. Should I go for a K&N or a Takeda Air Intake? Which one is better?
  8. The Starter Solenoid may have been damaged.
  9. I use Adam's Leather & Interior Conditioner.