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  1. Looking for suggestions on where to possibly place a cell phone mount. Pictures would be great! any good alternate power source suggestions?
  2. sticky pads???? tell me more!! i have the same issue. I will have to bring it up with my dealer
  3. I dont think this procedure works for the 2010 RX350. Are you sure you have a DRL light on the dash? My mistake.... i swore i did !
  4. I have a 2010 RX350 with factory XM radio. The radio has a SAT button on it. does any one know if the XM receuver is built into the radio or is there a XM receiver connected to the radio somewhere in the dashboard. I m interested in swapping out the XM for a Sirius receiver (if it is not built into the radio head). Has anoune done this? I see there is a Sirius SCC1 Tuner out there, wonder if this would work in the RX?
  5. I tried this on my 2010 RX and I could not get it to work. Now my daytime running light dashboard indicator light does not come on when my daytime lights are on!
  6. 1) Turn the car ON but do not start the engine, keep foot off brake. Cycle your trip reset button until it reads ODO. Turn ignition back OFF and wait a few seconds. 2) Make sure seatbelt is not fastened. 3)Turn the ignition back ON, but do not start the car, keep foot off brake. As soon as you see everything light up, press and hold the trip reset button and do a long 12 second count. 4)Keep your finger on the trip reset button! Fasten your seat belt. As soon as you fasten your seat belt you should see the ODO display go from XXXX miles to "b-on". At that time take your finger off of the trip reset button and press it again. It should cycle to "b-off". Turn off ignition and you are done.
  7. The overhead area where the buttons are for the garage door opener, the interior lights, and the controls for the sun roof do not light up in my vehicle. Is this how it should be? I cant see a darn thing! These buttons should be illuminated.