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  1. Winter tires/wheels

    Hi Guys, I just got home from a pretty cool vacation: me and a couple friends flew out to California where I bought a 1993 LS400 with 80,000 miles and drove it back home to Michigan. The car is in excellent condition and I'm planning on using it for my daily driver for years to come. That brings me to my question: I plan on buying a set of winter tires, and I'd like to buy an inexpensive set of wheels to have them mounted on. I've heard that the LS400's have very large brake calipers so not just any old 16" rim will fit. OEM wheel measurements are 16x7 5 lug on 4.5" and I measured a 41.25 mm offset, does this sound correct? I've heard some guys run the 16" Supra wheels as winter wheels because they are a perfect fit and pretty easy to come by on craigslist for cheap. I found a set for $150 pretty close to where I live that seems like a good option. What are other popular winter wheel setups that wont break the bank?
  2. Fly, buy, and drive home in an LS400

    Thanks guys!
  3. Hi Guys, Very excited to be a member of the "club," however, I don't own a Lexus...yet. I'm planning a trip to California to buy an LS400 and drive it back home to Michigan. I love the look of the gen1&2's but don't want to buy something that old that has spent it's entire life on Michigan's salty, rust inducing roads.