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  1. I plan to buy RX450h soon. It is hard for me to afford new one, so, I'm looking mostly on '15 - '18 models with about 30K mileage. I never had a hybrid before. Is it a good idea to buy a used hybrid at all? I noticed that RX350 has much more offer on the secondary market than RX450h. Am I making a mistake buying a used hybrid?
  2. I recently bought barely used 2014 ES350. I'm very happy with it. Just small "improvement" from Lexus - they removed sunglasses console and place SOS button in its place. I'm not going to use that SOS thing, I'd rather have my sunglasses pocket back. Have you tried to swap overhead console from earlier models? To something like this: Do they have the same dimensions? Wiring is not a problem as they have the same functionality, so I expect it to have the same wires (probably some extra for SOS). They also may try to make it a bit harder with different connector. Anyway, it is easy can be done using info from TIS. So, anybody tried it? Do they have the same dimensions?