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  1. all you really need to remove the door panel is a philips head screw driver. when it comes to removing the actual mirror assembly you'll need some torx drivers and i cannot recall the exact size. check your PMs i sent you a message.
  2. my fix was temporary and started to fail again. luckily i had the lock assembly that i had ordered. i replaced it and everything works
  3. man777 posted a pic of the engine bay fuse box in a GX470 which is what he and i have....you have a different model! you have an RX350, check the manual for the location(that's assuming your model has the same relay)....i'm sure you'll find it.
  4. OK kids i have an update! i ordered the part from sewell lexus and had them fedex 2 day it for $190 i decided to give it another dry run since the part has not been delivered yet. i took the door panel off, removed the 3 torx screws from the lock assembly, disconnected all the electronics+lock and handle wires from the door, removed the panel, and loosened the 2 10mm screws that hold the track for the window. with the track loose i wiggled the lock assembly out. i disassembled the lock assembly and found that the contacts for the little motor that locks and unlocks the door were crusted up and filthy i cleaned them, reassmbled the lock assembly and put the door back together and it works! i guess i have to decline the delivery when it gets here. i just saved myself $190 for the part. my dealership wanted $240 for the part and @$250 for the install.
  5. you wouldn't happen to have the manual content for the rear doors would you? i'm basically having the same problem the OP has but with the back door on the drivers side. i ordered the lock assembly and it's being delivered today. removing the panel is no problem there are only 3 hidden screws and a bunch of clips holding it in place but removing and replacing the lock assembly seems to be a wee bit more involved. i did a dry run yesterday and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to remove the assembly. i got the 3 torx screws out no prob but removing the actual assembly from the door was impossible without taking further actions which i have no clue what those actions are.
  6. i think i already replied to your question on another forum. ;)
  7. You need to remove the housing in order to replace the fog light bulb. The housing is hold together by the hex bolt and the clip. You need to lay on the floor and look up behind the bumper. Here are the steps: 1) Use #10 socket to remove the bolt 2) Press the clip while pushing the housing forward. 3) Turn the round rubber CCW to show the wiring. There are 2 wires, one wire is from the rubber attaches to the light bulb, and the other one from the light bulb attaches to the rubber. 4) Remove both wires, and the metal clip to hold the light bulb. When install the light bulb, revese the steps. Good luck. Does the fog light need to be aim? Not even sure if there is anything that allows you to adjust it. I read it on 4runner forum that their fog lights have a aiming wheel/gear you can adjust. no, you just put the new bulb in and away you go!
  8. do what i did...buy a garmin nuvi and mount it in your vehicle. the nav units in toyota/lexus vehicles are a joke.
  9. LOL! you answered your own question but it's good that you figured it out yourself! i was going to suggest you just remove the bulbs from the step lights until the problem is resolved.
  10. i use lestoil. it'll take pretty much ANY stain out. i had tar on the carpeting in my GX and used it full stregnth. it dissolved the tar and then i just used a warm wet cloth to blot it away...VIOLA! the tar was gone.
  11. with my droid i just hit the blutooth button on the (phone's) screen. check your phone and see if there's an easy way to disable the blutooth on it while you're in a call
  12. have you tried inserting a small screwdriver and unlocking it?
  13. no messing with the wiring at all. it's literally plug-n-play. now if you do the foglights you have to make a minor modification to the housing or cover but it's a piece o'cake
  14. sorry, someone had to do it!